Marketplace Item Types and Categories

When creating a new Marketplace listing, your content must be categorized within one of the following Marketplace Item Types:

This help document will walk through the purpose of each while offering examples.

Art Packs

Art Packs are collections of static and/or animated assets that a Creator uploads as a set. Once purchased, these images can be pulled directly from the Art Library tab of the VTT for use in the Purchaser's games, or accessed through a user's "My Marketplace Items" page.

Click here for information on Image Guidelines for Marketplace Assets

Click here for information on adding assets to Art Packs


The following are subcategories of Art Pack:



(credit to Creators: Tulsevran's Menagerie, Jaytaro, Art of Amanda NP, Vertighost, Matt.M Animations)

Tokens are collections of images that will commonly represent game pieces, meeples, TTRPG miniatures, character portraits, or other similar elements that will be used in the VTT.

They are further classified as:

  • Figures: Transparent, full-body, non-bordered characters
  • Bordered Tokens: Tokens with borders (typically round)
  • Portraits: Character portraits, often used for Character entries, Handouts, or Avatars
  • Token Elements: Token borders, flair, effects, or templates
  • Status Icons: Status icons for Tokens (ex: poisoned) - sometimes used interchangeably with Token Markers

Click here for information on Token Art Pack Specifications



(credit to Creators: MrValor, Miscellanea Maps, Renflowergrapx, Gabriel Pickard, Domille)

Map Art Packs are collections of images that represent world maps, battle maps, dashboards, or HUDs. The map images are uploaded either as completed pieces or split into smaller, often modular, pieces that allow users to create their own custom maps or overlays. Generally, these images are meant to stay put on the Map layer on the VTT.

They are further classified as:

  • Tile Sets: Art assets that are assembled by the Purchaser to build a complete map
  • Map Packs: Complete maps that are ready to use
    • Some include a grid, others are gridless; many packs offer both versions 
  • World Maps: Overland, city, world, universe maps
  • Dynamically Lit Maps: Installed as Game Addons with Dynamic Lighting
  • Dashboards: Map borders and play dashboards

Click here for information on Map Art Pack Specifications



(credit to Creators: Rustymaps, Venatus Maps, Oixxo Art, Forgotten Adventures, Keith Curtis, PogS Props, Meditating Munky)

Object Packs are collections of images that are likely to be used to help decorate the background of your game setting. Examples would be images of props, locations, and inventory items that are used on the Map Layer or added to Journal elements of the VTT such as Characters and Handouts, or are used to create Rollable Tables or Card Decks.

They are further classified as:

  • Structures: Buildings, tents, bridges, and other map structures
  • Nature: Trees, hills, and other natural features
  • Inventory: Items characters can carry and use in-game
  • Decor: Furniture, props, traps, man-made items to decorate an area
  • Map Markers: Map pins, room letters, indicators
  • Magic & Effects: Spells, magical and special effects
  • Vehicles: Methods of transportation such as cars, motorcycles, ships, and aircraft



(credit to Creators: Wild Magic Surge, Matt.M Animations, Adventure Inc.)

Weather Packs contain static or animated effects intended to serve as map overlays.

Token Marker Sets


(credit to Creators: RK Media, Bells Does RPGs, Renflowergrapx)

A Token Marker is an overlay element that's available to use on any Token object on the Tabletop. They are small icons that can be used to represent elements such as status ailments, ammunition counters, or help differentiate between multiples of the same Token image. Every Roll20 game comes with a default set of Token Markers, but with Token Marker Sets, players can replace the default Token Markers in their games with ones provided by the Art Pack instead.

Click here for information on Token Marker Pack Specifications

Game Addons


(credit to Creators: quietsnooze, DMDave, Dungeon Strugglers, Slowquest, Evil Hat Productions)

Game Addons are supplemental elements that can be added to any existing Roll20 Game. 

Addons can contain pre-generated Rollable Tables, custom Card Decks, story hooks and pre-written encounters, location settings, maps pre-set on Pages with Dynamic Lighting, treasury lists, puzzles, and more.

They are further classified as:

Click here for information on creating an Addon

Campaign Modules


(credit to Creators: Dragonshorn Studios, LinouMajorZero, Possum Punks)

Campaign Modules on the Roll20 Marketplace are self-contained templates of Adventures or Board & Card Games that are used to create new Games. This Item Type (unlike a Game Addon) is constructed with everything needed to play the content without anything else required for the Purchaser to include. 

The following are subcategories of Modules:


Players can expect Adventures to include features such as:

  • Battlemaps, potentially with pre-Configured Dynamic Lighting
  • Characters/Monsters with pre-made Character Sheets
  • Fully statted NPC tokens
  • Features such as Audio, Macros, or Rollable Tables
  • All of the copy text of the Adventure in accessible Handouts

They are further classified as:

Click here for information on Adventure Specifications

Click here for information on creating a Module

Board & Card Games


(credit to Creators: Deep Water Games, Sweet Potato Press, Bully Pulpit Games)

Similar to Adventures, Board & Card Games contain everything you need to play the game on the VTT. Pages may include game board graphics and components represented as Tokens. Game rules are included as Handouts under the Journal Tab and Card Deck and Rollable Tables may be utilized as needed.

They are further classified as:


Compendiums are game system rulebooks that have been converted for use on Roll20 as structured data and are most often created by Licensed Publishers. They can then be purchased and browsed on-site or within the VTT and shared with a limited number of players in-game (depending on the subscription tier of user who purchases the item).

They are further classified as:

  • Core Games
  • Bestiaries
  • Rules Expansions

For more information, see: Compendium for Publishers

Packages & Discount Bundles

Bundles and Packages are Items that group Marketplace sub-items together to provide convenient curated purchases. Here’s how Bundles and Packages differ:


Bundles contain items that are usually for sale individually outside of the Bundle. They may offer up to a 20% discount off the combined price of the items contained within. They offer Dynamic Pricing, which provides an additional price reduction if a purchaser already owns one or more of the sub-items. Their purchase will only charge them for the unowned items. 

Creators can add any type of Marketplace item to a Discount Bundle.


Packages contain content that can only be obtained by purchasing the Package and are typically used by our Licensed Publishers to offer Compendiums along with Art Packs and adventure Modules that are not sold separately. Their discounts are typically already built into the price of the item, and they do not qualify for Dynamic Pricing. Packages are generally utilized by Licensed Publishers. 

A common example of a Package is a collection of the following sub-items: a rulebook Compendium, a Campaign Module of an introductory One-Shot for that game system, and a pack of Bordered Tokens.

Click here for information on Creating Packages and Bundles.



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