Setting up your Creator Profile

Your Creator profile displays your bio, links to your website and social media, and all of your published Marketplace content. Sharing a link to this page is the best way to connect Roll20 users with your available items and to enable them to contact you on other platforms. 

Accessing your profile

When you are approved as a Marketplace Creator, your welcome email will include a link to your "Creator page" that is formatted like this:

(Note: the internal system refers to both Marketplace Creators and Publishers as "Publishers" - but we will do our best to differentiate for you in our tutorials and structure our reference materials appropriately.) 

We highly suggest you bookmark this link as an easy way to access it moving forward. 

If you need to access your Creator Page and don't have the link bookmarked, you can click on the hyperlink found after "Author:" on any of your Marketplace Item Pages. 


If you are unable to locate your welcome email and don't yet have any published items, feel free to contact us through our web form to request a link

NOTE: The "My Profile" dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar leads to your private profile, not your Creator profile.


Updating your profile

Your completed profile will look something like this: 



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