Item Management Page

The Item Management page is where you will gain access to your published and unpublished Marketplace content.

Accessing Item Management

You can find this page via the "Manage My Items" link in the dropdown under your user name. NOTE: The "My Marketplace Items" will take you to your purchased Marketplace content, not the Item Management page. 


You can also access the Item Management page via the link in the upper right-hand corner of your Creator profile. 


Item Management Components

The Item Management screen contains the following:


  •  A button used to create new Marketplace Items. 
  • A button used to review the history of submissions and related communications between you and Roll20 pertaining to your Marketplace Approvals
  • A count of current Draft Items
  • A count of Items Submitted this week
  • Tabs that take you to your content
    • Draft: have not been submitted, or have been sent back by Roll20 with notes
    • Pending: have been submitted, are awaiting approval by Roll20
    • Approved: have been okayed by Roll20 and are ready to Activate
    • Active: live on the Marketplace



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