Sales Reports

Sales Reports are available to view or download in various formats and can be accessed from two locations on the Roll20 website. 

Accessing Sales Reports

A link to your Sales Reports can be found in the lower left-hand corner of any of your Item Pages, or your Creator profile page



Report Options

The Reporting interface contains the following: 

  • A date selection tool 
  • Options to view or download your report
  • Options concerning the details displayed on your report

Some Creators prefer to review their sales using the "View" options while others prefer downloading copies to keep for their records, and/or to manipulate the presentation of the data.

NOTE: All reports have sales data redacted in our examples.


Report Examples

The following are examples of the various display options available for reviewing your Sales Report. 

View: Daily


View: Monthly


Download (XLS/CSV): Daily


Download (XLS/CSV): Monthly


Troubleshooting Sales Report Errors

Sales Report errors may occur when our server times out while processing multiple reports. They may also happen if a browser "back" or "refresh" command is used during report processing.

If you encounter an error accessing your Sales Report that does not resolve within a few minutes, please contact us through our web form and we will reset your report

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