Guidelines for Token Marker Sets

As discussed in Marketplace Item Types and Categories article, Token Markers are small overlay icons that are available in the radial menu when you select any Token object on the VTT. They help track information such as conditions or item inventory and can differentiate between multiple copies of the same Token art.


Every Roll20 game comes with a default set of Token Markers, but with Token Marker Sets, players can replace the default Token Markers in their games with those provided by an Art Pack instead.

This article will walk you through best practices for creating Map Art.

Image Dimensions and File Type for Token Markers

Image Dimensions for a Token Marker asset is 512 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall. 

When a Token Marker asset is displayed over the Token it will be rescaled to 48 by 48 pixels or 24 by 24 pixels depending on how many Token Markers are enabled at the same time over a Token.

For File Type, you can use PNG, JPG, or single frame GIF file types. Animated Token Markers are currently not supported, so if an animated GIF is uploaded, only the first frame of animation will be used.

Token Marker Design Recommendations

Check for Image Readability

Since Token Markers are rescaled to smaller than the upload size, it’s important to check how readable the Token Marker is after being shrunk down to fit over a Token. If your image assets look muddy and unreadable once downscaled, the art set will not be approved for the Roll20 Marketplace.

15 Unique Asset Minimum Per Token Marker Set

We require that your Token Marker set has at least 15 unique image assets. This does not include color or translucency variants of the same piece of art. The best practice for the number of image assets to include in a Token Marker Set is roughly 50.

Token Market Sets Must Be Downloadable

Creators can choose whether or not their Marketplace art is downloadable after purchase. Custom Token Marker Libraries are organized outside of the VTT, so the Customer does not have access to their Art Library purchases. In order for the Customer to pick and choose which Token Markers they want in their games, they will need to download the image assets of a Token Marker pack and upload the ones they wish to add to their Token Marker Library.

Token Marker Set Naming Policy

The Roll20 Marketplace takes both set names AND asset names into consideration when returning search results. API scripting can also call Token Markers, so it’s important that your naming conventions for the images are brief, clear, and descriptive. A Token Marker image named, "happy cloud", is better than "token-marker-63".

How to Upload a Custom Token Marker Set to the Marketplace

1. Create a Custom Token Marker Set. If you haven't created one before, follow the instructions for creating Token Marker Sets on Roll20.

Note: No tags are required on individual Token Markers, unlike Art Tokens. Just include a relevant name and you're good to go!

2. Create a New Token Marker Marketplace Item


3. Select the Token Marker from the dropdown of your Token Markers


All Token Markers are assumed to be Downloadable due to the way they are accessed by the platform. Please make sure to select “Yes” under Downloadable.

Please make sure to include the “Item Category: Art > Token Markers” and “Installation: Token Marker” to your category selections


4. Finish your product as usual, and submit!

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