Marketplace Quality Requirements

The Roll20 Marketplace strives to empower artists and writers who love TTRPGs to share and sell content they've created. We intend to provide all players on Roll20 with a selection of thoughtful, polished content designed to enhance their play experiences.

Note: Products may be removed from the Roll20 Marketplace at any time at our discretion. These guidelines are to assist in communicating what goes into approving packs.

Item Quality

Artists of many skill levels representing various styles, systems, and genres come together on the Marketplace. In an effort to provide a quality experience for purchasers, we adhere to the following considerations and guidelines during the approvals process:

  • Submitted work must be of a polished nature:

    • Art Packs should possess quality proportionate to their price and existing Marketplace items
    • Adventures must promote an intuitive user experience and function optimally on the VTT
  • Creators must cite any licensed content in the description of the item and/or via a "Credits" handout (in the case of Adventures) 

  • Submitted work must always meet or exceed examples given by the Marketplace Creator when applying to sell on Roll20

Asset Variants

We encourage artists to feature a majority of unique assets within their Art Packs. There are times when color variants or alternate versions of a singular map or token may be necessary to add value to an Art Pack (examples: skin/hair/clothing options, day/night/seasonal/weather variants of maps, gridded and gridless options). That is allowed, but please note that excessive variants that bloat the number of assets within a pack without a proportionate price increase will likely be pushed back by approval staff. 

Commercially Licensed Assets and IP Rights

Per the Roll20 Merchant Agreement, Creators must only list for sale original artwork or commercially licensed assets for which they hold legal rights to release such content for profit. Any content that features another person's work without their knowledge and approval is prohibited. This includes free content you find on forums or anywhere else online. If Roll20 receives reports that published content may be in violation of copyright or commercial use laws, the Creator will be contacted and an investigation of all listed products will be conducted. Roll20 reserves the right to remove any content from the Marketplace that is found to be violating policy. We stress these issues to protect all Creators from legal issues and copyright infringement.

If you wish to collaborate with an artist to create unique custom tokens for your module, this is absolutely encouraged. Fees and other payments for such commissions must be decided and executed between the participating Creators and are not monitored nor enforced by Roll20.

Fan Art

The Roll20 Approvals team will approve Creator-generated fan art at its' discretion; however, if the IP holders of any represented content express concern over products listed for sale, they may be subject to removal. Keep this in mind and generate content of this nature at your own risk. 

Wizards of the Coast OGL

Marketplace content cannot contain copyrighted material that WOTC does not define as "Open Content". You can find a full list of these items in the OGL documentation here

Third-Party Generated Images: Interim Policy

All product listings that feature art or maps generated using a tool or service designed to reduce or offset the artistic process (such as donjon, Inkarnate, Midjourney, or Dungeondraft) may be utilized only in Adventure content (Modules, Game Addons), except in the following instances:

  • the tool uses only art assets that you have created by hand
  • the art has undergone additional processing or modification post-generation (such as animating generated maps or tokens, painting and compositing over content, etc.)
  • the product is expressly approved by Roll20

Requirement: Submission Notes

To request qualification for sale within an Art Pack, the Submission Notes on all relevant Content submissions must detail:

  • all third-party generation tools used in the creation
  • specific changes rendered via post-processing


  • These maps were generated in Inkarnate using pre-set elements, but I have added animations.
  • My tokens were generated in ArtBreeder, but have been painted over and composited with hand-drawn elements.
  • I used my own textures and artwork within the map generator DungeonDraft to create these maps.

Failure to provide these details will result in send-backs.

Requirement: Filter 

All product listings that feature art generated using a tool or service designed to reduce or offset the artistic process are required to utilize the appropriate identifying filter (found under "Unique Status" in the Secondary Filter section of Item Properties.

NOTE: This is a non-public-facing filter that will help Roll20 gauge the demand for future policy decisions concerning products that utilize these tools. 


Select "Unique Status" from the dropdown menu. Click "Add Filter". 


Select the "Generated Images" option and Save Changes. 


Requirement: Disclaimer for AI-generated Art

Titles containing any art rendered by AI-generated tools must also display the following disclaimer in their product description:

Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

Here is a copy of the statement with Markdown formatting for copy/paste:

**_Disclaimer: This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning._**

Products that do not comply with the filter and disclaimer policy are subject to removal from the Marketplace. Repeat offenders may have their Publishing permissions revoked.

Regular Releases

The Roll20 Marketplace encourages Marketplace Creators to upload regularly to remain visible to purchasers and to build their library of content offerings. Creators may submit up to 5 pieces of content a week for approval and may have up to 10 draft items at one time. 

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