Join the Creator Discord

Once you've been approved to sell on the Marketplace as a Roll20 Creator, you may join a Discord server set up specifically to connect you with other Creators and the Marketplace staff at Roll20. This is the primary method of contact between Roll20 Staff and Marketplace Creators. 

How to Join

Your onboarding email will contain an invitation link, but if you happen to misplace that, simply contact us through our web form using the following dropdown prompts:

  • Roll20 Collaboration -- Existing Creators, Translators, Sheet/API Authors, Schools
    • Roll20 Current Marketplace Creator
      • I need an invitation to the Creator Discord 

We'll get you sorted right away! 


What happens there? 

On the server, you'll have access to channels that provide a changelog of Marketplace improvements, opportunities to connect with fellow Creators to ask questions, co-work, show and tell, and socialize, a suggestion box for ways Roll20 can improve your experience as a Creator, helpful resources, as well as dedicated support from Marketplace staff for any questions or troubleshooting that you may have throughout your workflow. 

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