Roll20 Approvals Procedure

The following information is subject to change. The best way to stay up-to-date on any delays or updates concerning Marketplace Approvals timelines or processes is by joining our Creator Discord

Creator Verification

Every Creator/Publisher on Roll20 starts out as Unverified to ensure they have a chance to become accustomed to our basic tools. Each of their Marketplace submissions will be reviewed closely by the Content Approvals Team to ensure items are built correctly, meet our quality and community standards, and are optimized for sale.
Once a Creator/Publisher has met our requirements to become Verified, their content will be approved by staff on our Approvals Schedule without an individual review.

How to become Verified
Our guidelines to become Verified are:

  • have at least five published products on the Marketplace

Is it possible to lose Verification?
Verification is tracked internally and may be revoked temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the Content Approvals Team. The best way to ensure Verification status is maintained is by closely QA’ing your own products (especially adventure content) prior to Activating them for the public.

What is the Content Approvals Schedule? 

The Marketplace team currently processes approvals twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays*. All items submitted for approval by 12noon CT on approval days will be processed by the following morning. Any content submitted beyond the noon cutoff will likely be processed on the following scheduled approval day.
*NOTE: This schedule is subject to flex on rare occasions due to the observance of holidays and/or staff availability, or extreme fluctuations in the volume of submissions. 

Approval Notifications 

There is not currently a notification system in place to let Creators know when their items have been approved or sent back; if you are waiting on one or many approval(s), you should check your Item Management Page on Tuesday and/or Friday. 


If your item did not meet Approval qualifications, Roll20 will send it back to your "Drafts" tab with a note on what needs to be updated prior to re-submitting. 

Approval Notes 

When checking the Approvals tab of your Item Management Page for content ready to activate, you may find notes from Roll20 that did not prevent the content from being processed but that offer suggestions or instructions for activation or future submissions. 


Notes and Submission History

If you ever need to reference the submission history of an item, and/or are looking for a record of notes between you and Roll20 Marketplace staff, you may view the "History" button to view a record. (Note: items created before July 2021 may not have history logged)


Item Updates and Re-Submissions

If you require a change to one of your Published items, please reference our article: How to Request an Update to Existing Marketplace Items.

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