WebRTC Beta

We're rolling out a beta for a new implementation of our WebRTC Voice and Video chat service! The goal is to focus on stability and ease of use for a straightforward and quick setup for talking and seeing your fellow players and GMs! This beta rollout is available only to Pro Users at this time as an Opt-In service and for feedback.

Why a beta?

We regularly speak with users experiencing issues with our current video and voice chat system, and we hear you: it's frustrating. Stability and performance are two of the major issues that have led us to reconsider the way voice & video works on Roll20.

The existing implementation is reliant on peer-to-peer connections that ramp up bandwidth usage for calls as more people join. The higher upload bandwidth consumption results in usability and reliability issues for users with low upload connections and for larger groups.


How do I access the Beta?

Heads up!

The WebRTC Beta is currently only available to Pro level subscribers. You can subscribe here if you'd like to join the beta!

If you would like to test join in on testing the beta, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Audio & Video tab in the VTT right-hand sidebar
  2. Select "New Voice & Video Beta" from the "Chat Tech" drop down menu
  3. Your game should refresh, and you will now be connected to other players via the new video chat system


What does the beta change?

This beta is testing a new, purpose-built, modern Elixir backend service for connecting users via voice and video in the VTT. This new service focuses on: 

  • Adding stability and stronger connections to WebRTC
  • Reconnections within the VTT resolving connection issues that previously required a refresh to fix
  • A more modern front end built in Vue
  • A dynamic color picker for dice roller

Known Issues

For the known issues below, Selecting "Roll20 WebRTC" or "None" for Chat Tech will restore functionality.

  • Players Hands for Card Decks are not implemented/will not appear.
  • You cannot currently drag individual players by their name to the Page Menu to split the party to separate pages. The players banner still works as normal.
  • The Player Frame Locations cannot currently be adjusted and will default to the bottom of the screen.
  • Player Frames may not maintain a static ordering; they will generally appear in the order of connection and reconnects will move players to the end of the list.

We'll be addressing these issues to ensure the new improved WebRTC implementation isn't lacking in functionality compared to the current one.


Since this new chapter of Voice and Video is in Beta, we’ll be looking for feedback from the community to help refine it! If you have any feedback when you try it, we’d love to hear about it in our forums. 

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