Marketplace Seller FAQ

General Roll20 Marketplace Seller Questions

Q: Who can apply to sell?

A: Anyone looking to publish original art or adventures to be used on the Roll20 virtual tabletop (VTT). International applicants eligible to work in the U.S. are welcome to apply.

To apply, you can find the process outlined here: Applying to Sell on the Marketplace

Q: What can be sold on the Roll20 Marketplace?

A: We go into more thorough more detail with examples on the Marketplace Item Types and Categories page, but the gist of what’s for sale on the Roll20 Marketplace comprises as:

  • Artwork: Map Packs, Tile Sets, Token Sets, World/City Maps, Welcome Pages, Map Decor and Markers, Weather Effects, etc

  • TTRPG Adventures & Board/Card Games: One-Shots, Quickstart Guides, Short Campaigns, Long Campaigns

  • Rulebook Compendiums: Core rulebook, Rule Expansions, Bestiaries, etc.

  • Play Aids: Location Settings, Story Prompts, Custom Card Decks, and other similar components that attach to an existing game (via Addons)

 Marketplace Quality Requirements can be found here: Marketplace Quality Requirements

Q: I want to sell a PDF of my Adventure/Game System/Etc. I don't see a way to sell it, why?

A: While GMs can upload PDF to their personal libraries onsite, we currently don't yet sell PDFs on their own on the Roll20 Marketplace. If you try to create a Module or an Addon with a PDF in it, the PDF will not be carried over to the final product.

With our partnership with OneBookShelf, exclusive PDF offerings are best kept over on the DriveThruRPG Marketplace as you'll eventually be able to share your library of books between both sites.

Q: What are the terms and fees associated with selling content on Roll20?

A: Creators retain ownership of 100% of their work, and take home 70% of all sales.

Roll20 applies the remaining 30% to distribution, advertising, hosting, and credit card transaction fees. There are no exclusivity requirements, therefore Creators are welcome to also sell their content on their own websites, Patreon, etc. without penalty.

Q: Is exclusivity required?

A: Nope. Our hassle-free Merchant Agreements allow you to supplement your Patreon or existing website sales without sacrifice.

Q: I want to sell an Adventure/Artwork/etc for Free as a marketing incentive. Can I do this?

A: No. Roll20's minimum allowable price is $4.99 for any Marketplace listing.

You can read up on our Pricing Policy Here: Marketplace Pricing Standards

Q: When are Creators Paid?

A: All creators owed are paid on or before the seventh of every month. All payments are issued via PayPal and a valid PayPal email is required to sell on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Q: Where do I find my Sales Report?

A: A link to your Sales Report can be found on your Creator profile page.

Note: To prevent a timeout on loading your Sales Report, we recommend that you pull reports in singular month increments. 

Q: Will Roll20 send Creators Tax Documents?

A: No, Creators will not receive Tax forms (including 1099) from Roll20. PayPal is responsible for sending documents to those paid via PayPal. The instructions to find documents can be found here.

Q: Can I link to my (Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, personal site, etc.) on my Publisher Profile or on my individual Marketplace Listings?

A: So long as you are not linking to Roll20-competitive sites or products, feel free to name drop and link to your other self-marketing channels.

Marketplace Listing Questions

Q: When should I be using an “Addon” or a “Module” Item Type for my content?

A: Modules are game template that you can only utilize when first creating a game. Addons are game templates that can be added to an existing game. Most often you’ll want to use the Addon item type. Modules should be limited to Board and Card Games, Long Campaign Adventures, and Quickstart Guides.

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Q: What’s the difference between the “Package” and “Bundle” Item Types?

A: Currently, a Marketplace item can only be one thing. One Art Pack or one module or one Compendium, etc. Packages allow you to sell multiple listings together for one price. Typically the individual listings will be marked “Not For Sale” and will redirect the Customer to buy the Package listing. An example of what might be included in a Package is one for a Game System that includes a Compendium listing alongside a Quickstart Guide Module. Buying the package gives you access to both.

Bundles are shorthand for “Discount Bundles”. These are used for when you want to sell a collection of your Marketplace listings at a discount (maximum of 20% off). The items within a Discount Bundle are available for sale individually.

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Q: When I create an Art Pack listing for my map art, why is the listing labeled “Token Set” on my Item Management page?

A: You haven’t done anything wrong in your listing setup. There’s some terminology crossover that adds some confusion here. Within the Roll20’s code, "Token" is the term for any image object that is dropped down on the Tabletop in the VTT. So battle map, prop, card deck, portrait, and token images are all considered “Token Objects” in Roll20’s code. If you see your Art Pack listing is labeled “Token Set” in Item Management, then this is just implying that this item is an Art Pack.

Q: Why does nothing happen when I click on the “Create Game with Module/Game Addon” of my Adventure or Addon listing?

A: In order for that button to work, your game has to complete the "Modulized/Addoniztion" process, which is what copies your Base Game over to the actual Marketplace Listing. That process is triggered once your item is approved by a Marketplace Admin, and can take 30-40 minutes during the heaviest periods of traffic. If your tests are producing blank games after approval, check back in an hour and everything should be working. 

Q: I found a mistake with one of my active listings. How do I fix it?

A: For non-Addon & Module content, you’ll want to send your listing back to Draft status and then resubmit it for approval once you’ve made your changes. From the Active tab of the Item Management page, click the “Send Back to Draft” button next to your item. You will now be able to edit the listing again.

Note: When any Marketplace Item is sent back to Draft status, it is temporarily removed from the Marketplace and may be unavailable to those who have previously purchased it. If items are unavailable for too long, purchasers may think they have been deleted and request a product refund.

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Q: I CAN’T send my listing back to draft so I can fix it and resubmit. How do I fix it?

A: Activated Addon and Module Listings can’t be sent back to draft by the Creator/Publisher. This is because if corrections need to be made within the Addon or Module itself, a patch is required to repair it.

Patches require Roll20 team members to assist with the process. Send in a Marketplace Creator Help Center Support Ticket (Creator Question Type: Existing Creator) and provide:

- a link to the active Marketplace item
- a link to a new game that is set up with all requested updates/changes (we highly recommend making a COPY of the base campaign you used to create your Addon to begin with, and applying all changes to the copy instead of the original)
- a thorough explanation of all changes made (this not only influences patch notes, but informs Marketplace Staff of the changes they are expected to see between the old and new game during the patch process, which helps with QA once the update has been applied)

NOTE: Patches cannot DELETE content from an Addon. Any existing handouts, maps, characters, etc may be edited, but not removed completely. If you need to delete an asset, we will need to replace the Marketplace item with a new listing and remove the old version (transferring purchases as necessary).

Q: I have several listings that I never planned to put on the Marketplace, but I can't delete them and they're still on my Sales Report. How do I delete them?

A: A Creator can't delete a listing. Send in a Marketplace Creator Help Center Support Ticket (Creator Question Type: Existing Creator) and link to the defunct listing(s) you want to be removed from your account. A Roll20 staff member will do this for you.

Addon & Module Questions

Q: I have a contractor converting my Adventure/Play Aid, how do I get them access to my Marketplace Profile account?

A: We don’t recommend sharing your account login credentials to contractors due to potential security concerns. Instead, we recommend creating the game that will house the converted content first and then promoting the contractor’s account to GM status when they log into the game. You can have as many GMs (ie contractors) in a game as you need. You can read the steps to do this here.

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Q: Once my Addon or Module has been approved and activated on the Marketplace, is it safe to delete the associated games/images from my account to free up storage space?

A: Before deleting your content, we recommend creating a game with your marketplace item and reviewing it. You want to check to see if there are any broken images or other corrections that need to be made to the Marketplace’s copy of your content. If you do not see any problems with your content after review, you are safe to delete your related games from your account and delete images from your library.

Compendium Questions

Q: Why can't I create a Compendium Listing?

Construction of Compendiums do not happen on the Live site. Due to that current limitation, Compendiums can only be uploaded, edited, and QAed by either Roll20 Staff or members from our vetted freelance conversion contractor community. For this reason, the creation of these listings are currently done internally.

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Q: My Compendium build is finished. How do I get it on the Marketplace?

A: Reach out to us once your Compendium is built so that your content can be reviewed to ensure there won’t be any launch issues with your product. Once approved, we’ll generate your Marketplace listing for the Compendium product that you can then edit like normal. Compendium listings don't go through the normal Approval queue. Once you’re ready, let us know when you want your Compendium to go live on the Marketplace and we’ll set up the activation date for you.

The following is information we’ll need to create the Listing:

Images: <Cover Image + up to 5 Screenshots. 512x512 pixels JPG or PNG, documentation can be found here>

Costs: <Will the Compendium only be sold as a part of the package? If it should also be sold separately, I'll need to know what price it should be. Pricing should end in .49 or .99 unless part of a dynamically discounted bundle.>

Initials: <What initials should the book have? For example the Player's Handbook might be PHB, the Core Rulebook might be CRB, or Alien Archive 4 might be AA4. Try to limit yourself to 4 or 5 characters>

Description: <Simple markdown, ideally in raw text via email or a Google Doc. Use if you need help with all the syntax. No character limits, check out other Marketplace pages for inspiration. Usually the product description, some info about what the Roll20 Conversion includes, and legal matters.>

Category: <Is this an Adventure, Core Rulebook, Bestiary, or Rules Expansion?

Game System: <Confirm the game system the compendium is for. I'll add it to the Secondary Filters list.>

Tags: <Up to 5 unique tags to help with search filters. Product Name, Publisher Name, Game System, and other secondary filters are already accounted for>

Q: I don't have the resources available for a Compendium conversion. How do I get my game's rule system onto the Roll20 Marketplace?

A: If a Compendium build isn't feasible, what is commonly done instead, is the content of the book is converted over into a Game Module. Most of the book's content will sit under the Journal tab as Handouts or Character entries, but nearly everything else that's available in the VTT can be used as well.

There is one caveat: If your game utilizes a character sheet, you will want one created for Roll20, and ideally one that you own (not a community-built one).

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Marketplace Issues, Errors, and Troubleshooting

Q: How do I fix this Sales Report error I keep getting?

ERROR: An Error has occurred. Error ID: (32 random numbers and letters)

A: Every sales report is run through a queue on a daily basis to update its records. If you try to access your Sales Report while it's currently being updated, you'll get the above error report. If this happens wait a couple of minutes before trying again. Once the report is finished updating, you should be able to access your report again.

There are some instances where the sales report times out and gets stuck in the update queue. This can happen if the report you’re trying to pull gets interrupted mid-load or if you're generating a report from too large of a date range (causing the report to time-out). In that case, Roll20 needs to manually cancel the report on the back end. If the sales report error doesn't resolve itself in a timely manner, send us a Help Center support ticket. There is a field for Marketplace Creators for this specific issue.

Q: After one of my Addon or Module items has been approved, I’ve found that the Marketplace copy has broken image links. What do I do?

A: Send in a Help Center Support Ticket. Include screenshots of where in the Addon or Module you’re seeing broken image links. A Roll20 Team member will repair the broken image links for you. This process does require the original copy of your Roll20 game to resync the images, so it’s very important you contact us before you start any account housekeeping, like deleting old games and images from your library.

Q: After one of my Addon or Module items has been approved, I need to update the Addon to fix a typo, replace some art, add a Handout, edit a Stat block, etc. How do I do this?

A: Any updates needed to be made on an approved Addon or Module will need Roll20 Staff assistance to compete. Changes made to the Title, Price, Description, or anything found within the listing’s "Item Properties" of a product can be handled by Marketplace Staff at your request very quickly.

If you have yet to activate your Listing (or have yet to have anyone purchase the active listing), it will be quicker and easier to delete the current listing and create a new one with the updated/repaired game used as its base and run it through the approval process again.

If the listing is active and has received purchases already, a patch will be required to make any corrections. Patching Addons can be a difficult process. It is critical that all Addons are double-checked once Approved prior to Activation to ensure they are ready to publish. Patch requests may take up to a week to complete. 

To request a patch, submit a request through our Webform and include the following: 

  • A link to the active Marketplace Listing

  • A link to a new game that is set up with all requested updates/changes

    • We highly recommend making a COPY of the base campaign you used to create your Adventure/Addon to begin with, then applying all required changes to the copy instead of the original

  • A thorough explanation of all changes made

    • This not only influences patch notes, but informs Marketplace Staff of the changes they are expected to see between the old and new game during the patch process, which helps with QA once the update has been applied

NOTE: Patches cannot DELETE content from an Addon. Any existing handouts, maps, characters, etc may be edited, but not removed completely. If you need to delete an asset, we will need to replace the Marketplace item with a new listing and remove the old version (transferring purchases as necessary). 

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