Creating a Marketplace Adventure Step-by-Step (WIP)

This tutorial series is being created in real time and there will likely be typos as well as incomplete or missing elements as new articles get added to it. This will get revised and cleaned up while this is constructed.

The following is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to take your print/PDF TTRPG Adventure and convert it for sale on the Roll20 Marketplace.

What is the general customer expectations from a Roll20 Marketplace Adventure?


You can utilize nearly every feature within Roll20 to assemble your Adventure, but the following elements are Must Haves:

  1. Maps. Every map (world map, landing/welcome page, battle map) included in the book has been added to its own Page in the Adventure, aligned to Roll20’s grid (when applicable), with Dynamic Lighting set up as needed.

  2. Tokens. Characters, creatures, and monsters, should all have dedicated token art placed in their respective places on said battle maps.

  3. Character Sheets. Characters, creatures, and monsters should also have fully statted NPC sheets that the GM can roll from. These character entries should also be linked back to their respective tokens.

  4. Adventure Text. The textual content of your book should be included in the Adventure as Journal Handouts.

  5. Adventure Art. Scenery, characters, items, and other non-map/token related work within your Adventure should be included as Journal Handouts as well.

  6. Rollable Tables, Card Decks, & Macros (when applicable). If there are special roll tables or roll mechanics in your book, we recommend that they’re also converted over to the Adventure.

The following VTT elements do not carry over when the Adventure template is uploaded to the Marketplace

  • PDFs
  • Compendiums
  • Token Actions (Do not work in Addons, specifically)
  • The Chatlog
  • Anything set on the My Settings tab

Walkthrough Steps

Below is the recommended order of tasks you should follow when assembling your Marketplace Adventure:

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Prepping Your Artwork for the VTT
  • Create the Template for your Adventure
    • Create the Game to Build your Adventure in
    • Select your Character Sheet and Compendium (if applicable)
    • Invite Collaborators/Editors

Step 2: Setting Up Your Map Pages

Step 3: Import Your Adventure Text

  • Creating Character entries
  • Creating Handout Entries
  • Organizing your Journal
  • Linking Journal Entries

Step 4: Setting up Tokens

  • Create a Token Page
  • Token Settings
  • Linking Tokens to Characters

Step 5: Setting up Rollable Tables, Card Decks, and Macros (when applicable)

  • Create Rollable Tables and Rollable Table Tokens
  • Create Custom Card Decks
  • Setting up Macros and Token Actions

Step 6: Reviewing your Adventure

  • Visibility in Dark Mode and Light Mode
  • Macro testing
  • Testing Dynamic Lighting

Step 7: Creating Your Marketplace Listing and Submitting it for Approval

  • Fixing Broken Images
  • Patches
    Step 1 - Create the Game Template >>
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