Troubleshooting Upload Issues

This article covers a variety of common and complex causes regarding asset upload issues. Each section offers guidance and answers on ways to fix an issue.

Causes and issues covered include:

Storage space

If your storage quota is full, you will be unable to upload additional content or assets. You can check your current storage amount via

Storage Quota per Subscription Level

  • Free : 100 MB of storage
  • Plus : 3 GB of storage
  • Pro : 8 GB of storage


If you are above the storage limit, you must first remove assets from your account in order to upload new assets. If you are a Free user, you can subscribe for additional storage space.

For information on how to delete assets and reclaim storage space see our help center article here: How to Clear Storage Quota

File size

Ensure that the file you are attempting to upload is under the file size limits we maintain on Roll20. File size limits can differ based on subscription level as well as the type of file you are attempting to upload.

Upload Size Limits

  • Image Files: 10 MB for Free users | 20 MB for Plus & Pro users
  • Audio Files: 20 MB
  • PDF Files: 150 MB


If your file is above the limits you should make efforts to modify their file size. For image files, cropping or compressing the images can lower the overall size. If it is an audio file, you may wish to compress the bitrate or shorten the length. In the case of a PDF file, we recommend utilizing a PDF converter to make modifications. Adobe offers a free tool here.

File type

Roll20 supports a wide variety of file types, but not all of them. Ensure that your file type matches those that we support for different formats. For more in-depth information on file types you can view our article here: Best Practices for Files on Roll20

Supported File Types

  • Static Images: .jpeg | .jpg | .gif | .png
  • Animated Images: .gif | .mp4 | .webm
  • Audio: .mp3 | .oog | .flac | .wave
  • Other: .pdf


If your file does not match one of the supported file types, we recommend converting them via a 3rd party program (paint, photoshop, etc.). Once they have been converted you can attempt to re-upload.

Animations not uploading

Animations can encounter issues even if none of the above situations apply. This is due to the fact that animations undergo a variety of conversions behind the scenes. Including changes to type and size (this does not impact your storage quota).

This conversion can be exacerbated if a file has undergone significant amounts of compression. So while a file size may be small, it can be complex. That complexity can slow the upload process.


If you are noticing slower than usual upload speeds on animations we recommend converting to a .webm format before uploading. Further, you may try shortening the animation length. If your file is compressed, we recommend attempting a different form of compression on the original file or simply shortening the overall length of the animation.

Blurry images

When an image is uploaded to Roll20 it undergoes a variety of conversions to create different sizes of the same image (This does not contribute to your storage quota). These are then utilized to conserve bandwidth and improve overall performance.

These issues can also arise in the event of attempting to utilize very high resolution images that will be small on the VTT. For example, using a 2000x2000 pixel avatar for a token that will only be shown at 70x70 pixels.


We recommend trying the following options:

  • Clear your cache
  • Try in incognito/private browsing
  • Try in a separate browser
  • Delete then re-upload the asset
  • Re-upload the asset at a different resolution

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us directly via the web form.

Broken images

Broken images are commonly caused due to the assets being removed from the "Recent Uploads" section of the Art Library while within a game. The "Recent Uploads" section acts as a root or source file for all copies of that asset. If it is removed, then all copies of that image will seem to be broken.


Unfortunately, in the case of broken images, our customer support and dev team are unable to assist. We do not have the capability to recover lost or broken images at this time. We can only recommend re-uploading any missing assets.

Over storage limit after unsubscribing

When unsubscribing from Roll20, we do not delete or remove any assets on your account. As such, any assets you had prior to unsubscribing will contribute to your storage quota. This can result in going over your storage limit.


If you are above the storage limit after unsubscribing, you must first remove assets from your account in order to upload new assets. You may also re-subscribe for additional storage space.

Storage graph incorrect

After unsubscribing, the storage graph may show an incorrect readout showing that there is still storage space when there is not. This is a known issue with the graph by our development team.


You can verify the accuracy of your storage graph by checking the text read out just above. This provides a breakdown of assets on your account as well.

Continued incorrect storage quota

If you are still noticing a discrepancy in your storage quota via the text breakdown of your quota, please contact us directly via the web form.

Unable to set or change Roll20 avatar / campaign image

In the event that you are unable to set or change your Roll20 Avatar or Campaign image, this is commonly due to not having enough storage space (See Problem: Storage Space). Both avatars and campaign images also contribute to your Roll20 storage quota.

To resolve this, you will need to remove assets from your account to free up the storage space.

If you have sufficient storage space and are still unable to upload an avatar or campaign image, please contact us directly via the web form.

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