Troubleshooting a Stuck Charactermancer (D&D 5E)

If you are encountering an issue with your D&D 5E charactermancer getting "stuck" below outlines some options for how to potentially resolve the issue.

"Stuck" in this instance refers to a few cases such as blank fields or saving changes not finishing.

Check if the issue persists in a game copy

Making a copy of the game and testing there can help verify if it is something specific to that game and eliminate that as a cause.

If the charactermancer gets unstuck after a copy then we'd recommend transitioning to the copied game and reinviting your players.

You can also continue to the troubleshooting steps below to try and resolve the issue in the base game.

Check if the issue affects other characters

Does the charactermancer only get stuck on one specific character/subset of characters or ALL characters?

If it is only one or a group of characters then there is likely an issue specific to those characters happening. The troubleshooting steps below may help to resolve this issue.

To test if the issue persists on all characters, we recommend checking the following:

  • If you have a large amount of existing Player Characters (PCs) you do not need to check all, but check a wide variety (spell casters, melee focused, etc.)
  • Check with a brand new character -- make sure to do both the level 1 charactermancer AND the level up charactermancer

If the same issuer persists regardless of combination, then please reach out to us directly explaining what you've tested and what issues you are encountering. The more detail you can provide the better!

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Check for typos

Review your character sheet for any typos. Frequently the charactermancer can get stuck if it is attempting to check information and certain keywords in fields are not matching up.

The most common place for this to happen is within the "Class" name. For instance, if a character's class is set to "Rouge" (a color) instead of "Rogue" (the class) the charactermancer will get stuck because it is trying to search for and present information that does not exist.

To correct this, simply review any fields you may have and correct any typos that may be present.

Check if compendium selection options have changed

This is one of the more common causes and occurs when compendium sharing settings have been disabled or changed. Usually this issue occurs after a GM or creator changes settings after players have already had the chance to create characters. If those characters are using content from a compendium item that was later restricted, this will cause the charactermancer to get stuck.

The issue arises due to the charactermancer attempting to validate data that it cannot access (due to sharing permissions). This results in the charactermancer getting stuck in the validation process. This is unavoidable in the current iteration of the charactermancer and can only be resolved by re-enabling compendium access.

To check this the game creator will need to do the following:

  • Access the game that is encountering the issue
  • Open the out of game "game settings" page for the affected game
  • Scroll to and expand the "Compendium Settings" section
  • Locate the "Compendium selection" section
  • Ensure that that all options are either white ("Avilable to those who own") or green ("Available and you own. Will be shared with other players.")
  • Click the "Save Compendium Settings" button (Note: The "Save Changes" button will NOT work for saving compendium settings)
  • Re-launch the game itself and reattempt the charactermancer for the affected character.

Check the "Attributes & Abilities" tab for errors

Occasionally, something can get "stuck" within the character sheet's attributes that can cause a hang up. The exact cause for this is unknown, but results in a string being left behind within the field that "confuses" the charactermancer.

To resolve this, the GM or player will need to do the following:

  • Access the affected character sheet
  • Navigate to the "Attributes & Abilities" tab
  • Find the attributes named "l1mancer_status" and "lpmancer_status"

  • Select the field for the attribute under “Current” and hit Ctrl/Cmd+A to highlight all of the content

  • Hit backspace or delete to clear the field of all content

  • Close the character sheet and refresh the web page

  • Re-open the sheet, it should now no longer be in the charactermancer

  • Re-attempt the charactermancer

Still having issues?

If you are still having issues after going through these steps then there may be an unknown bug taking place. Please contact our support team directly and let us know your results from these steps. The more details you can provide the better!

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