Images Failing to Load

Are your images failing to load on the site, or in the Virtual Tabletop (VTT)? As of April 2023, our developers confirmed after several user reports that some Antivirus Softwares are falsely flagging images on our site- preventing user images from loading. 

Issue Status

Our developers are currently investigating a long-term fix for this issue, after releasing a short-term experimental solution for users (details below). The short term solution focuses only on in-game (in-vtt) images, so you may see some image errors on the main site in the meantime. This setting will eventually go away when the developers put out a full-site fix in the coming weeks, but the team wanted to get everyone back to playing games as soon as possible!

How To Fix

To enable the experimental image delivery service, head to your My Account page. Under your preferences, there's an option called Use Experimental Image Delivery Service. Set that to yes, and save your changes. The final step is clearing your cache: we recommend pressing Ctrl+Shift+R on your game page, as well as a full cache clear. Here you can find instructions for clearing your cache in Chrome and Firefox.

Other Possible Solutions

Still having issues? 

Our developers are still looking at this issue while they implement a long-term fix. If none of this solves your issue, please reach out to us with the following information: 

  • Your Web Browser: 
  • The Browser Version: 
  • Any Browser Extensions: 
  • Your Operating System: 
  • If Javascript is enabled: 
  • Any Antivirus Software Enabled, Including Windows Defender: 
  • Any VPNs in Use: 
  • Your Internet Provider: 
  • Screenshots of your homepage and in-game pages: 


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