Override Browser GPU Blocking

Browsers maintain a database collection of graphics cards and driver combinations that are known to have various types of issues with the browser itself. If a configuration is present on this list it will cause various types of slowdowns and performance issues. Browsers maintain the ability as a configuration setting to override this block for your device.

Our first recommendation is to ensure that all of your drivers are fully up to date. We also advise making sure you have worked through our Graphics Performance Troubleshooting article if you have not already. Alternatively if you are using an older device you may wish to invest in newer hardware.

Please note, that changing these settings may cause degradation or unexpected behavior with your browser/device within our outside of Roll20. Your success may vary.

Chrome Flags

  • Navigate to "chrome://flags/" within your browser's address field
  • Search for "Override software rending list"
  • Change the drop down to "Enabled"


Firefox Flags

  • Navigate to "about:config" within your browser's address field.
  • Search for "gfx.webgpu.ignore-blocklist"
  • Click the double arrow so the middle column says "True"



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