2023 Change Log


Dec 20, 2023

  • Roll20 VTT
    • We pushed out a change to the way that the VTT loads that should provide a nice speedup for getting into your games if you have a large number of items in your Art Library. In particular, there was a noticeable "hiccup" after the game loaded when you first tried to interact with objects that should be resolved.
    • When chat is popped out in Dark Mode, there is now an outline of the text input box showing you where you can type.

Dec 18, 2023

  • Cyberpunk RED official character sheet: Corrected a bug where shields were not working correctly when dragging & dropping to the sheet
  • Vampire the Masquerade official character sheet:
    • Added the ability to add modifiers to Resist Frenzy Checks
    • Moved the Resonance input to a new row so there is more text area to include relevant details
  • Roll20 VTT
    • Fixed a bug introduced by Chrome 120 where icons weren't appearing in the PDF Viewer dialog box.
  • Roll20 Characters
    • Stopped redirecting users with no characters to the marketing landing page which did not have an import button. Now, even if you don't have characters, you will go to your list of characters and can import a character using the normal import button. Sorry about that.
    • Added the Site Outage banner to the Characters menu
    • Added new sheet feature tags to show which sheets have automatic Calculations and Automated Dice

Dec 14, 2023

Candela Obscura is Live

Roll20 Characters

  • We now automatically save your updates while managing a character outside the VTT. You can freely make edits to your characters without worrying about losing your changes.

Dec 12, 2023

Roll20 VTT

  • The New Toolbar will now present a shorter layout to players to help reclaim some screen real estate.
  • Fixed a bug where if you edited the name of a page folder in the breadcrumb interface of the Page Folder menu, it would be incorrectly truncated to 30 characters.
  • On mobile devices, 3D Dice rolling should now work as expected!
  • The icons for the Collections and Compendium tabs on the right sidebar have been updated to be more distinct.

Dec 5, 2023

  • Roll20 Characters
    • We're now indicating the supported file types and the upload limits for the avatar. Sorry about the confusion on that.
    • Fixed an issue with the nav bar on mobile where things would overlap and become hard to read to tap on.
  • Roll20 VTT
    • Fixed a bug where using the Apply Default Token button on a character sheet could sometimes unlink the token from the sheet.
    • Any active feature tours and the What's New dialog will now no longer appear for new users when the Tutorial window will show up.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs related to the new Page Folders feature where deleting folders sometimes wouldn't work until after a refresh, and folders with archived pages couldn't be fully deleted.

Nov 30, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Official Character sheet: Fixed a bug preventing Spell Query Bonuses from being added to roll totals when the ‘Other’ field is empty.

Nov 29, 2023

  • The New Compendium Search in the Roll20 VTT has received an update to make it easier to filter results
    • Now when you see results after searching, instead of needing to "un-click" all the categories you don't want to see, you instead "click" on the categories you do want to see. 
    • This should make it easier to filter down to e.g. just Monsters or Items when viewing results.
  • The New Toolbar (which you use as part of the UI Redesign) has been modified to support smaller screen sizes. Now when you have a screen size such that the entire toolbar won't fit, it will smartly size down and hide less-important features behind a "..." menu. This way you can always access all of the functionality of the toolbar, even if you have a tiny screen!

Nov 21, 2023

  • Updates to Roll20 Characters
    • We added back the date and time when a character was added to Roll20 Characters. This will be the imported date and time or the created/duplicated date and time.
    • Removed the "Unsupported" message on the avatar so you can see it again. Characters using sheets that haven't been released are still not viewable outside the VTT yet.

Nov 20, 2023

  • The new Tree View has been added to the Page Folders interface. Be sure you're opted in to the new UI Redesign to check it out!
    • The Tree View allows you to quickly navigate between your folders and sub-folders. You can also drag and drop a page to move a page into a folder.
    • You can choose to collapse or expand the tree view to give yourself more space to work with in the pages interface.
  • The Page Folders interface should now be larger (so you can see more than one row of pages) when you have your display scaling set at the system level (and therefore larger icons in the interface)
  • We've updated the icons in our right-hand menu to hopefully be more clear about what each tab contains to match our ongoing redesign efforts.
  • We've made some additional changes based on your feedback to our New Compendium Search:
    • When searching for multiple terms (for example, "ancient dragon"), you'll now see more targeted search results.
    • We've made it more clear how you can close the Filter dialog box after you open it.
    • Categories that contain no content (e.g. because you don't have anything purchased in them) will no longer appear in the category index listing.
  • When you have the Names Only option enabled with our Integrated Voice and Video system, you can now dismiss the prompt to join voice and video.
  • When on smaller screen devices (like tablets) you can now dismiss the What's New dialog box.
  • Fixed a bug with the display of the Targeting dialog used in some roll macros when in Light Mode.

Nov 15, 2023

  • Roll20 Characters is live in Beta. Not you can see 11 of the top character sheets outside of the VTT. Check it out now or Learn More
  • Support for PF2 Core rules is now available within the Pathfinder 2e Official character sheet. Drag & Drop new Core Ancestries, Backgrounds, and Classes on your existing PF2 character sheets. You can also mix and match Legacy & Core content all within the same game and sheet! More details here.

Nov 14, 2023

  • Released Light Mode for the new Toolbar
  • When deleting a page folder, added an option to not delete the contained items
  • When deleting a page folder, display the total count of nested pages which would be deleted
  • Fixed minor visual issues with page folder dragging

Nov 13, 2023

  • The Marvel Multiverse RPG official character builder now calculates damage multiplier changes from powers and populates the sheet with the appropriate bonuses

Nov 8, 2023

Nov 6, 2023

We released a few bugfixes for the new Page Folders feature on the VTT:

  • When dragging and dropping pages, folders, and players, performance should be greatly improved especially on low-end devices.
  • We increased the size of the drag-to-scroll area of the list in Chrome.

Oct 30, 2023

We released a few fixes for the VTT today:

  • The 'p' advanced keyboard shortcut to open and close the new Page Toolbar should be working
  • Fixed an issue with showing 5E sheet roll templates in dark mode in the popped out chat window
  • Fixed an issue where italicizing text wasn't working for some foreign languages (e.g. Korean)
  • Fixed some small design issues with the tour for the new Page Folders menu

Character Sheet Updates:

  • Updates to the Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet:

    • Fixed a bug where some Marvel sheets were not saving changes to traits, tags, or powers

    • Updated the Speed & Size section on the sheet to show all speeds by default instead of via expand/collapse panels

    • You can now navigate the Speed fields on the sheet via Tab navigation

  • Coyote & Crow Character Sheet: Updated the WYSIWYG editor in character profile and NPC info scree

Oct 24, 2023

Page Folders and the Party Toolbox on the VTT

One of the most-requested features has arrived on the Roll20 VTT: Page Folders! This new feature allows you to organize your pages into folders and sub-folders, as well as quickly search for your pages by name.

In addition to that, we've introduced the new Party Toolbox, an upgrade for our Player Ribbon which allows you to quickly manage all the players in your game and make sure they go to the right place.

  • Take control of your game and organize your pages and maps, including search functionality
  • The new Party Toolbox makes it easy to place players where you want them and keep track of all multiple parties at once
  • Designed in conjunction with user testing and feedback to bring an easy to use, modern approach to your games
  • Check it out by opting in to the UI Redesign and give us your feedback so we can keep improving!

Oct 23, 2023

Oct 16, 2023

  • Vampire the Masquerade Character Sheet: Fixed a bug where die results were formatted incorrectly for Chrome users

Oct 12, 2023

  • Added tooltips to Media's Believability roll template on the Cyberpunk RED Character Sheet

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet:

    • Fixed an issue where some sheets were not saving changes to traits, tags, or powers

    • Improved screen reader accessibility for the Powers section of the character sheet.

Oct 11, 2023

  • Compendium Sidebar
    • Fixed a bug on the Compendium Sidebar search where search results for partial matches didn't show up. Now when you search "Sword" for example, you will see results that will see results for a longsword, shortsword, greatsword, etc. 
  • Measure Tool
    • We've released an update to the New Measure Tool based on your feedback! Now the information box that appears near the cursor while measuring is much more compact, so it takes up less screen space and blocks less of the map.
    • In addition, if you do a lingering measurement, the info box will further collapse into a small tooltip with just the measurement number visible. You can click on the tooltip to toggle more detail if you'd like.

Oct 9, 2023

  • Character Vault
    • Released the D&D 5e Sheet on Roll20 Characters. Now you can create a D&D 5e character without having to go into a game to do it.
    • Added the ability to move the Dice Tray on Roll20 Characters. Now when you're looking at your character (outside the VTT) you can move the dice tray button around so it's not in your way.
  • Compendium Sidebar
    • Fixed a bug on the Compendium Sidebar search where searches for rules content didn't have the proper results. Now you can search for "Prone" for example, and you'll see results that will help you understand exactly what the prone condition does.
  • Pathfinder Character Sheet
    • Fixed a bug on the Pathfinder 2e official sheet that was causing Constant Innate spells to drop as x/day

Oct 5, 2023

  • Fixed a bug where pre-gen characters for the Marvel Multiverse RPG official sheet were being populated with non-combat scores set to zero

Oct 4, 2023

Updated Compendium Search Dashes Into Action!

The latest addition to our new UI Redesign is here! The new Compendium Search in the VTT will have you referencing rules like a pro.

  • Improved design to make it easier and quicker to find what you need

  • Search speed is up to ten times faster

  • Filter options available by category for several systems including D&D, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun

  • Refine searches with category pickers to include or exclude results like items, monsters, and spells

Note: You must be opted in to the UI Redesign in order to use the new Compendium Search. Happy gaming!


Oct 2, 2023

  • We've got a few changes on the VTT today!
    • If the creator of a lingering measure deletes their measure using the Trash Can icon, the measure will now be dismissed on the screens of all other players in the game.
    • Fixed a Chrome bug affecting Mac users where if the Metal ANGLE backed was being used, you would see an error about Dynamic Lighting not being supported.

Sept 29, 2023

  • Updates to the official Vampire the Masquerade 5e Character sheet:

    • Added a send to chat button for individual powers

    • Changed the Roll Template to display rank as dots for advantage, flaw, and discipline

  • Updates to the official Marvel Multiverse RPG character sheet:

    • Added an ability toggle to custom overrides for ability scores, damage multipliers, and modifiers

    • Linked token bars will now factor in custom Health/Focus bonuses

    • Updated the Roll Template to have better contrast in dark mode

Sept 26, 2023

  • On the Character Vault, we've stopped showing the welcome pop-up every time. Now it will only show once and you can bring it back up when you open the help menu item.

Sept 25, 2023

  • From the Character Vault, you can now update the name of your character in the same place as you edit the Bio & Info for that character.

Sept 21, 2023

  • We released two small hotfixes onto the VTT platform to fix two bugs
    • The Default Settings that you set for Pages in the Game Settings screen should correctly apply to newly-created pages.
    • Fixed an issue where text was showing up as an unreadable black-on-black in Firefox in dark mode for the 5E sheet.

Sept 21, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet Updates:

    • Added a custom feat choice option upon drag & drop for Classes that offer choices between feats with a specific trait at level 1 (e.g. Summoner)

    • Fixed an issue where modifiers for Psychic class, specialization Subconscious Mind was not applying the bonus to spellcasting fields

    • Drag & drop will now accurately reflect any languages granted by Background choices at level 1

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet Updates:

    • Added a toggle to allow for rolls to be whispered to the GM

    • Added ability for players to apply custom modifiers to Max Heath and Max Focus

    • Characters' token stats will now be correctly set upon drag & drop or when selecting a pre-generated character form the Character builder

    • Fixed a bug where horizontal scrolling in Firefox was not working as expected

    • Fixed a bug where certain fields were not being focused when using tab to navigate the sheet

Sept 20, 2023

  • The Pathfinder 2e Character sheet is now available in the Character Vault. You can now create a character for Pathfinder 2e without first creating a game!

Sept 18, 2023

  • Added a d100 in the dice tray when viewing/editing a character in the Character Vault.

Sept 14, 2023

  • Updates to the Marvel Multiverse RPG Character Sheet:

    • Fixed a bug where number inputs were being hidden in the speed section while typing

    • Fixed a bug to make it more obvious where the focus is on the sheet when using Tab to navigate

    • When your browser/system settings has ‘reduce motion’ accessibility settings turned on the sheet will now reduce motion as well

    • Powers derived from your origin will now automatically be selected in the Powers slide of the Character Builder

Sept 12, 2023

  • Fixed a bug where Edge & Trouble rolls were not working as expected within the Vault on the Marvel Multiverse RPG Character sheet

Sept 11, 2023

  • The Measure Tool has been further improved
    • We've added the new Beam shape!
    • We've added a note to the bottom-left corner of the Measure Tool dialog box that lets you know what current measuring system you're using when doing measurements which should help reduce confusion.
  • We've made some quality of life fixes for Dynamic Lighting
    • When you're on the lighting layer, the Freehand drawing tool will be disabled. Using this tool has always caused issues with the lighting system when drawing walls, and the Polygon tool should be used instead. Many GMs didn't realize this and it was leading to confusion and issues.
    • You can now move things directly to the Lighting layer from the right-click menu just like you could with other layers previously.
    • We've made a change to the rendering system for Explorer Mode which should result in increased performance, especially for GMs with complicated maps with lots of walls and lights.

Sept 8, 2023

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG Character sheet updates:
    • Power options within the Character Builder will now correctly apply any mechanical limitations for power selections based on Origin choices (e.g. Atlantean origin)
    • Changes to movement speeds can now be saved by pressing enter on your keyboard
  • Fixed a bug on the D&D 5e Character sheet where some Sub-choices for Subclasses were not working as expected

Sept 7, 2023

  • Since launch the following updates & bug fixes have been made to the official Marvel Multiverse RPG Character sheet:

    • You can now re-roll a die with edge & trouble within the chat log - click on the dice you want to re-roll and choose edge or trouble to get your new result

    • You can now add multiple origins & occupations within the character builder and character sheet

    • You can now edit the Bio & GM Notes section with the character profile

    • You can now see which Power Set a Power belongs to on the sheet

    • Added a toggle to allow you to hide character name from roll templates within sheet settings

    • Fixed a bug where users were able to view a whole character sheet even if they didn’t have edit permissions; users with view access only will now only be able to see the profile view of the sheet

    • Deleting a custom power set while it is being filtered for in the Powers panel now clears the Power Set filter

    • Deleting a power no longer leaves a blank power item in your powers section

    • Tags acquired from origins/occupations are no longer selectable as duplicates in character builder

    • Traits & Tags acquired via Origins & Occupations now correctly persist to the sheet from the character builder

    • Stopped sheets from adding their page navigation to the browser's "back" history: hitting the browser's "Back" button now properly sends users back to the page they were on before entering the VTT

    • Fixed the attack calculation when rolling damage to use the correct modifier

    • Fixed an issue where the builder would break for certain origin selections

  • Fixed a bug on the official Pathfinder 2e Character sheet where empty headers were appearing for spells when specializations choices only grant focus spells (e.g. Druid Specializations); now only focus spells are displayed.

Sept 6, 2023

Aug 28, 2023

  • Best-Guess Initiative Rolling
    • When you are rolling initiative from a character sheet (such as the 5th Edition D&D Sheet), in the past you had to select a token on the tabletop before rolling in order to successfully add/update the initiative value for that character in the turn tracker.
    • With this update, if you have a token on the current page that you control that is linked to that character, we'll assume you meant to select it and add/update the turn for that token.
    • This should greatly reduce frustration for GMs and players so you don't have to keep reminding them to select their token before rolling initiative.
    • Note that if you do select a token first, that will always continue to take precedence.
  • On the VTT, we released several bugfixes for the new Measure Tool. In particular:
    • Fixed bugs with recalling measurements showing incorrect info.
    • Fixed a bug where doors and windows were too glowlicious after measuring.
    • Fixed a bug with dismissed measurements re-appearing after switching between pages in some cases.
    • When updating the Display Name in your Player Settings, the name shown when doing measurements will update immediately.
    • When using the scroll wheel to pan the map, if you cursor goes over a measurement tooltip it will no longer stop panning.
    • You can now use the middle mouse button to pan the map while measuring again.
  • General VTT bugfixes:
    • Fixed a bug where Doors and Windows could not be moved immediately after being placed on the Dynamic Lighting layer


Aug 25, 2023

  • We released a hotfix for the VTT today to fix an additional issue with the Nameplate on Hover setting, which should be working properly now. In addition, the cursor icon wasn't showing correctly in some cases and now should be.

Aug 23, 2023

  • We've released some additional bugfixes and improvements to the new Measure Tool
    • We've added a new option to the Measure Tool so you can choose to make a measurement Linger instead of fading immediately.
    • A new Trash Can icon has been added to the top-right corner of the Measure Info Box so you can dismiss measurements from other players.
    • When using the Q shortcut to add waypoints to measurements, the waypoint info boxes are now more compact. You can click on them if you'd like to see more detailed information about the waypoint.
    • Fixed an issue where the Measure Tool would sometimes leave info boxes on the screen which could not be dismissed. These should appear less often, and if they do get stuck, you can now use the Trash Can icon to dismiss them.
    • Fixed an issue with the Q shortcut not working properly with the Measure Tool
    • Fixed an issue where the Measure Tool info boxes would appear as a black box.
    • Fixed various bugs with recalling previous measures and dismissing measurements when switching pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the Show Nameplate and Bar on Hover setting wasn't working properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes not add turns to the Turn Tracker when rolling Initiative from character sheets.

Aug 18, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Official Sheet now supports Class drag & drop for CRB & APG (more content coming soon); to use drag a class from the compendium to launch the minimancer which will help you with picking relevant attributes.
  • Bug Fixes to the Official Marvel Multiverse RPG Sheet:
    • Fixed the attack calculation when rolling damage to use the correct modifier

    • Fixed an issue where the builder would break for certain origin selections


Aug 14, 2023

  • Fixed 2 bugs for the PF2 official character sheet:

    • Unarmed Strikes added via drag & drop will now receive unarmed proficiency updates

    • Agile Trait checkbox will now be populated when adding a strike that has an agile trait via drag & drop

  • The Turn Tracker "Count" display will no longer include items that are on the GM Layer for players.
  • The right-click context menu should be working again for users not opted into the new Toolbar when clicking on an empty space on the map.
  • You can now dismiss sticky measures using both left- and right-click.

Aug 10, 2023

  • Resolved an issue where Token Waypoints were rendered at an offset from the correct location
  • Resolved an issue where lingering measurements were sometimes not scaling correctly after zoom.

Aug 9, 2023

  • Introducing the New Measure Tool
    • We've redesigned the Ruler in the VTT into the new Measure Tool that will give you a number of new features in addition to the revamped functionality you're use too.
    • You can now measure using a Square giving you the ability to measure the square from edge to edge, from corner to corner, and from the center to the edge.
    • We've also added a Circle Measure Tool that allows you to measure in a radius or a diameter.
    • Lastly, we've added a Cone Measure Tool that allows you to measure using a specific angle. There are a couple presets you can use quickly, but if you need a standard cone used by the most popular games, you can lock width to height and get a 53.13 degree cone. 53.13 degrees is also the default angle for a cone.
      • There is also an option for a flat or rounded cone so you can make a pizza shape or a triangle shape.
    • We are planning to add a few more Measure Tools to this list so stay tuned.
    • Your feedback on these new changes are MUCH appreciated.
  • Other VTT Improvements
    • Added a notification when a Journal Entry is shown to one or more players using the "Show to Players" button at the top of a Journal Entry. Hopefully you don't have to wonder if it was actually shared.
    • Added a link to the character sheet from the token context menu. Now when you right-click on a token that is linked to a character sheet, you can easily open up that character sheet from the token.
    • Added "Restrict Movement" to the default page settings. Sorry that was left out. Now you can make sure that movement is restricted by default for your page settings.

Aug 7, 2023

  • Improved automatic resizing of new Dice Roller UI Windows in the VTT for a wide variety of various screen sizes
  • The Dice Roller UI can now no longer be resized to be taller than the screen size
  • Miscellaneous other improvements to the style and presentation of the Dice Roller UI
  • Added a shortcut for quickly sorting ascending & descending to the main view of the Turn Tracker
  • Fixed text size & formatting issues with the PDF Upload Dialog

Aug 4, 2023

  • Fixed two issues that resulted in the D&D 5e Charactermancer getting stuck or freezing

  • Updates made to the Marvel Multiverse RPG Official sheet:

    • Update to drag & drop to include additional details on drop

    • Made rank editable directly on the sheet, without requiring the builder to be reopened (you can now open the Builder via the sheet settings)

Aug 2, 2023

  • Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game official Character Sheet and Builder released.  Official forum discussion here; feel free to pass along feedback or bugs via that thread.
  • Launch of the updated Character Vault, which allows for character creation outside of the VTT; support currently for Marvel Multiverse RPG Official Sheet with more to come.  You can find the Vault here.

July 31, 2023

  • VTT Improvements
    • In preparation for our upcoming measure tools improvements, we went ahead and added the ability to pan while measuring. Now you can use the right-click or the middle mouse button to pan while measuring.
    • We made a few general performance improvements while dragging tokens. We hope that should have a slight improvement for some people.
  • VTT Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where tokens will reappear after being deleted or move unexpectedly when the character sheet is updated. You can again delete these tokens with confidence.

July 24, 2023

  • VTT Improvements
    • You can now go back in turn order. Sorry that took so long to get too. It's super annoying to have to cycle back through the turn order or rearrange the order to fix a simple mistake. Now you can just go back.
    • We have locked down the movement of Doors and Windows so that they can only be moved on the Dynamic Lighting Layer. We're hoping this will reduce the number of people that are having problems with moving those around. Let us know what you think.
    • We updated the colors that everyone is assigned when they join a game. We're hoping this will make it easier to identify individual users. Also, you can still change this color if you want.
    • We have updated the Zoom slider so that now you can also have access to the Zoom to Fit option. We're hoping this will give everyone all the functionality they need there. Thanks for the feedback! Keep it coming.
    • Links in the chat log were hard to see because they weren't styled to look like links. Now they look like links and you should be able to find them easily.
  • VTT Bug Fixes
    • Now, Mac uses that use a mouse or trackpad that doesn't have a right-click will find that the Ctrl + Click is now working as expected on both the new toolbar and the old toolbar. Sorry about that.

July 20, 2023

  • Fixed a bug on the D&D 5e Character sheet where some classes were getting the wrong number of spell slots
  • DriveThruRPG Preview updates
    • "Rule System" text is now clickable link to results with that rule system
    • Fixed search and browse results when sorted by "Popular"
    • Search and browse Improved performance with database optimizations
    • Other small fixes and enhancements

July 17, 2023

  • VTT Toolbar Improvements
    • You can now collapse the toolbar if the toolbar is taking up more space than you prefer. There is a new button at the top that you can use to do collapse it with. Go to town! Let us know what you think about it.
    • We heard a lot of feedback that the toolbar was pretty big and takes up a lot of space. When we were designing it, we were trying to make sure that it was accessible for people that need it to be bigger. We revisited the size of the toolbar and we think we can make some changes to make it smaller while still making sure it's accessible for those that need it to be big. Take a look and tell us what you think!
    • You can now ping the map by right-clicking where you want to ping and choosing the "Ping" option from the context menu. You can also do a "Focus Ping" which will move everyone's camera to that point. This makes the ping functionality more discoverable on a desktop and possible on a tablet or mobile device.
    • We have collapsed the toolbar on small screens (mobile phones) by default. While we don't support mobile devices, we are trying to slowly improve the mobile experience where we can. We think collapsing the toolbar by default for Mobile Phones will give users more space. Be sure to let us know what you think.
    • Improved Layer Flyout so that it doesn't completely overlap the names and pictures at the bottom. Now it should stack vertically.
  • VTT Bug Fixes 
    • Fixed a bug that was keeping users on a tablet from long pressing and pinging the map. Now you can show people where you're pointing too while on a tablet!
    • Fixed a bug where the shortcut for previewing as a token didn't work for free users. Now that should work fine. Sorry about that.
    • Fixed a bug where the layer menu was displaying below the names and avatar images. Sorry that we made it hard to change layers with that. It should be fixed now.
    • Fixed a bug where the measure tool would highlight when typing in text areas when using advanced shortcuts. That was super annoying sorry about that. It's fixed now.
    • Fixed some bugs with the layer drawer collapsed too early. That should work as expected now.

July 13, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet: Fixed a bug where light items stowed within the capacity of a backpack were incorrectly affecting total bulk calculation

July 10, 2023

  • VTT Bugs
    • Fixed an issue where you could not undo pasting a token. Now if you paste a token, you can undo it properly as expected.
    • Fixed an issue where some links in the chat log would not open in a new tab. Now they will.
  • New Toolbar Update
    • Many users have complained that the Zoom was too big, so we decreased the size of the Zoom controls. Let us know what you think!
  • Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet Fixes:

    • Corrected formatting of feats requiring checks/saves to display in proper CS-S-F-CF order

    • Removed Extraneous ‘Save’ label from success/failure descriptions

    • Fixed an issue causing innate spells gained from improved feats & the minimancers to drop with 1/1 daily uses instead of the intended value

  • Pulp Cthulhu Sheet Fixes:

    • Corrected display for ‘Language (own)’ skill on the NPC sheet

    • Language Own will now only initialize when there is a score in education

    • Updates made to make the visibility of skills smarter on both the PC & NPC sheet

    • Fixed a bug where some weapons descriptions were not appearing in the possessions tab after dragging & dropping

July 7, 2023

  • Bold Text Begone!
    • Fixed an issue that was causing text in many areas of roll20.net to appear improperly bold.  Cast Reduce on this text, reducing its size by one category.

July 5, 2023

  • VTT Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Lighting would stop working when 64 or more tokens were on the map. Now you can have your epic battles with all the tokens you want.
    • Fixed a bug when using a tablet where a long press wouldn't bring up the context menu on the map. Now you can interact with objects on the map on tablets again. Sorry about that!
  • DriveThruRPG.com has an updated experience
    • Released updates to the checkout process to match searching and browsing.
    • Customers can now search, browse, add to cart, and checkout in the revamped version.
    • The new user interface is opt in, and available by clicking the link at the top of the home page or visiting https://preview.drivethrurpg.com.

June 30, 2023

  • D&D 5e CharacterMancer Performance Improvement: pushed a fix to dramatically improve spell load times in the mancer for high level spell casters; you will see up to a 10x improvement in speed with these changes! 
  • Hotfix: Fixed a bug where animations wouldn't loop when you first upload them. Now they are looping by default and work as expected. Sorry about that.
  • Vampire the Masquerade Character sheet improvement: Updates made to Rouse & Remorse checks:
    • Every kind of roll now properly accounts for successes
    • Rolls that should have only hunger dice now do not show or factor in a normal die
    • Hunger Dice get impaired properly 
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where old values were persisting on the Pulp Cthulhu character sheet that was causing sanity to sometimes not display properly 

June 28, 2023

  • Bug Fix: Pressing Q while not dragging or dropping a token now switches you to the last used measurement tool (Note: Advanced Shortcuts must be on). Sorry about messing that up.
  • Improvement: We have reworked the cursor icons for the new toolbar. Hopefully they are a little more helpful now.

June 26, 2023

  • VTT Toolbar Improvements
    • Players can now preview as token for tokens that they control allowing them to see from other tokens. For example, they can see just what their familiar sees. Also, we changed the name of the feature to "Preview as Token" instead of "Preview as Player" to align with this new feature.
    • Your zoom settings are now persisted when you come back to the game or go to another game. So if you want to use the zoom slider instead of the individual numbers, you don't have to keep making that choice. Also, if you just want to hide the zoom interface entirely you can do that too.
  • VTT Toolbar Redesign Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where the advanced keyboard shortcut for the dice roller would close the dice roller but not open it.
    • The new dice roller now goes on top of the right panel so people that like to put it on top of the chat log as they roll can now do so.
  • Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet: Fixed an issue causing the unconscious condition to fail to apply its inherent penalties

June 22, 2023

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where you could drag the dice roller window off the screen to the point where you can not click on the area that would allow you to drag it back on screen. Now the dice roller will stay in-bounds and remain moveable.
    • Fixed a bug on iPad where the 3D dice wouldn't go away after they were rolled. Now they go away when you tap on the screen.
    • Fixed a bug where some links would open outside of the VTT and replace your game window instead of opening in the VTT. Now those links work properly again so you can open links to your compendium without losing your VTT screen.
    • Fixed a number of small mobile and tablet bugs with the new toolbar. 

June 14, 2023

  • VTT Toolbar Improvements
    • We released the toolbar without the GM opacity slider and many of you let us know that we forgot it. The slider is now back and ready to be used. You can find it under the top setting icons on the new toolbar. Let us know what you think!
    • The dice functions on the dice roller now have a tooltip that helps explain what they do.
    • The dice roller will not also remain on the simple or advance option when you close it and bring it back.
  • VTT Toolbar Redesign Bugs
    • Fixed a bug where the copy/paste menu would come up every time you tried to close a polygon shape. Now that process feels much better.
    • Fixed a bug where the draw tool color was not staying the same when switching between layers. Now you can set the color and it stays the same until you change it again.
    • Fixed a bug on the tablet where the keyboard would push up the entire VTT and when you were done, it would not go back to normal. So now you can feel comfortable typing on your tablet using the VTT.
    • Fixed a bug on tablets where you could not copy and paste tokens.
    • Fixed a bug where the text tool had some trouble inserting the first time you try to write something.
    • Fixed a bug where multi-target macros did not work properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the advanced dice bonus field would not accept a negative number.

June 12, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Character sheet: Fixed an issue causing Ability selects on the sheet to reset to custom unexpectedly.

June 8, 2023

  • GMs have the ability to allow players to create their own character sheets in a game.
    • This option will default to OFF on existing games and default to ON for new games.
  • In the VTT Journal, the create character and create handouts actions have moved to their own buttons

June 7, 2023

  • Added butter to the Zoom slider make zooming smoother.
  • Keyboard Shortcut to select the Lighting Layer without enabling Advanced Shortcuts.
  • Fixed an problem with showing the previous path after moving a token with waypoints using x keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue that would open the copy/paste menu when completing a polygon.
  • Updated text to "Clear Drawings and Text" to make the result more clear.
  • Other assorted enhancements and bug fixes.

June 6, 2023

  • Added support for Pulp Cthulhu within the official Call of Cthulhu sheet
    • Navigate to the sheet settings to change to the new Pulp theme, and toggle on the Pulp Rules you'd like to play with! 

June 2, 2023

  • Bug Fixes for the New Toolbar Redesign (Opt-in only)
    • Fixed a bug where the line context menu would stay up even when you selected a token or some other object that it did not apply too.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Align to Grid" notification didn't work properly with the new toolbar. Now you should be able to use it as expected.
    • Now the "Preview as Token" sits above the marco bar so you can exit out of that mode. We are still considering better positioning options in the future.
    • The Preview as Token shortcut is now working for macs again.
    • For some people the Fog of War tool would stack for the enhanced Fog of War submenu. Now it should display properly.
    • Fixed a bug where the screen would jump around a lot while dragging a token and trying to measure using the right click. This now works as expected.
  • Improvements for the New Toolbar Redesign (Opt-in only)
    • Now when you select a tool on the toolbar, that tool is immediately chosen instead of waiting for you to select something for the submenu.
    • When the Dice Tool is open, you can now click the dice icon and close the tool as well.
    • The resize handle for the dice menu now has a bigger click area so when you click on the resize icon it will actually work.
    • Now when you are in the "Preview as Token" mode, you can hit ESC on your keyboard and exit out of the mode.

May 31, 2023

  • New Toolbar Redesign Opt-in
    • A "What's New" modal and chat insert will help us tell you know when new features are coming out. It will also prompt you to opt-in.
    • Released a new look and feel to the main toolbar along with a number of new features.
    • Check out the redesign page to see what it looks like, see what's coming, and give us feedback.
    • You can now see an example of the font when using the text tool
    • The Preview as Player is now available and allows you to see what is selected token and exit the preview.
    • Layer are now broken out into the toolbar so you can easily switch between them and see which one you're on.

May 29, 2023

  • Updates made to the Pathfinder 2e character sheet:

    • Added Multi-Attack-Penalty buttons for Alchemical Bombs

    • Made text areas across the sheet resizable in edit mode, to make editing description/effect fields easier

  • Updates made to the Vampire the Masquerade character sheet:

    • Gave impairment a much-needed update

    • Made Willpower rollable

    • Fixed Humanity rolls hanging for a long time.

May 24, 2023

  • Hotfix: Fixed an issue where links within a handout that open another handout were not working. You should now be able to use all links in handouts.

May 22, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with Dark mode and whispering a player through the chat feature in the VTT.
  • Removed the Roll20 logo and changed colors for the Chat Tips. This is preparation for the Opt-in for the VTT Redesign.

May 15, 2023

  • Uploading large files (like 32MB) can stall out. Now if that happens, the system will let you know that the image is taking long because the file is really big.

May 11, 2023

  • Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused skills to lose newly added custom ability values when first jumping to custom
    • Fixed a bug causing conditions that penalize AC to double penalty for Shield AC when a shield is equipped
    • Added an optional toggle to hide the spells tab, for PCs who do not use spells
    • Updated the Speed section to allow for complex modifiers. Armor penalties now apply to a player character speed's item penalty automatically when higher than the penalty's custom value.
  • Updated the Vampire the Masquerade Character sheet to fix an issue where whisper rolls were not working correctly
  • Integrated Voice & Video
    • Minor optimizations to video resolution to reduce bandwidth requirements.
    • Player Frames now wrap correctly when the number of players exceeds the available space.
    • When Player Frames are set to "Names Only," there is now a button to join the Voice & Video channel.

May 8, 2023

  • VTT Bugs
    • You can no longer save a name of an image that is blank. This was causing a lot of problems.
    • Fixed a few keyboard shortcuts that were not working on a Mac (Cmd + Shift + O/K/M).
    • Updated keyboard shortcuts that were used by the browser to prioritize functionality on the VTT instead. Specifically Crtl + S/O etc.
    • Fixed an issue where you couldn't switch from draw to text tools with a keyboard shortcut.
    • Fixed another issue with weird text in the tutorial game.
    • Fixed an issue where tokens were squished on hex grids. Important to note that if a token is dropped on the map layer, it will still squish. This is because the dimensions of elements on the map layer need to be different those on the token layer to make sure expected images align properly.

April 28, 2023

  • Card Hands in player frames will now display below the frame when it would otherwise be cut off due to the frame placement being too high.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for reconnection issues in Integrated Voice & Video

April 25, 2023

  • VTT Hotfix: Fixed an issue where the text field was not saving properly. This was totally unintended. As a result, we also now delete all empty text boxes so you don't have to worry about them getting in your way.

April 24, 2023

  • Updated the "Preview as Player" keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L. When you use it on a token without vision, you get a popup that will explain that the token does not have vision and will be asked if you would like to give that token vision. Previously, it just indicated that the token does not have vision.
  • Pathfinder 2e Bug Fixes: Updates made to the official character sheet to fix bugs off the back of changes made for the new Elite/Weak NPC toggle, including:

    • Fixing an issue where NPC AC & HP were displaying as 0

    • Fixing an issue where NPC Lore skills weren’t being updated

    • Adding Elite/Weak modification to NPC Lore skills

April 20, 2023

  • Integrated Voice & Video
    • Added the ability to move player frames individually. 
      • You can drag player frames by their handle in the top right, and return them to the full list by dragging them back or by using the "Reset Positions" function in the settings menu.
      • Card Decks in hand will appropriately move to the bottom of the frame if there is no room above the frame, or if player avatar location is set to "Top."
        • Note: If the avatars are set too high, the in-hand view is still cut off at the top of the screen.  This issue will be resolved in an update in the very near future.
    • When Video is muted or not set to broadcast, the players' avatar will be replaced with their "Speaking As" choice if that character sheet has an associated avatar.
    • Added additional status icons for when a players' video is muted.
    • Other player's videos are no longer mirrored.
    • Added an option to toggle whether your own video is mirrored for yourself.
  • Marketplace
    • Resolved Styling issue in dark mode when highlighting autocompleted marketplace search results.
  • Misc
    • Resolved an issue where handouts could not be dragged to individual players over their in-game avatar if "Video Tech" was set to "Legacy Roll20 WebRTC" or "None."

April 19, 2023

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where tokens would stretch when placing them on the hex grid. You can now snap your stretched tokens back to the right ratio.
    • Fixed a bug where a lot of text was showing up in the chat log when you start a new tutorial game.

April 17, 2023

  • Resolved an issue with hex grids where hex tokens didn't fill the entire hex when placed from the art library or journal.
  • Fixed a bug where the middle mouse does not pan when making a polygon.
  • Added PDFs to the Transmogrifier.
  • Pathfinder 2 Character sheet updates:

    • Added indication for when your strength is less than your armor’s threshold

    • Fixed a bug causing items with actions to incorrectly set their linked action’s roll values on drop

  • Cyberpunk RED Character sheet update: Combined Motorpools into the Vehicles section for easier management

April 12, 2023

  • Added new background settings to the page settings menu within the VTT.
    • Now, as a GM of a game, you can set the color of the board and the color of the backdrop.
    • Changing the board color will change the color of the white area under your maps and grids
    • Changing the backdrop color will change the color of the off-limit areas around the map.
    • Now there is also a setting that will automatically set the color of the backdrop (area around the map) to the dominant color of the board + all images on the map layer.
  • Co-gms (promoted gms that are not the original owner of the game) can now copy and use the invite link at the bottom of the chat log when they first log in. 

April 10, 2023

  • Character Sheets - Added sheetworker to dynamically fill select options and data lists so sheet developers can more easily present users with choices relating to their character. See forum for more details.

March 27, 2023

  • Bug Resolutions on the VTT
    • Resolved an issue where lights would sometimes turn off when tokens were moved while in explorer mode. Now you can explore with confidence.
    • A number of form fields, dialogs and chat functions have been updated so they conform to Dark Mode or the text color stops conforming to Dark Mode when it's disabled. This should help with readability of those forms, dialogs and chat functions substantially.
    • Fixed an issue where doors and windows did not resize properly when dragging a handle while it was selected. 
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor would not stay aligned to the point where it was clicked while panning around the map. No more side adventures for the cursor.
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor would not change when you were hovering over a resize handle for tokens. Now it changes so you know when you can grab that handle and resize as you like.
    • Fixed an issue that would create a near unlimited number of tokens when you pressed Cmd + V. No more unintentional hordes of undead.
  • Added Macros to the Transmogrifier. Now you can move those into other games as you wish. 

March 23, 2023

  • Improved support for publisher-defined styling on the Compendium
  • Resolved an issue where language selection on the account page was not activating until the second page load after saving the language change.
  • Browser-provided language preferences are now transferred & saved during new account creation, so long as the preferred language is one of our supported translation languages.
  • Resolved missing translation key entries throughout the site

March 20, 2023

  • Update made to official Zweihander character sheet to add an 'Other Damage Modifiers' field to add flat integers to damage (as with adaptable weapons)

March 17, 2023

  • Update made to the official Vampire the Masquerade Character sheet to fix styling for rolls with pools of greater than 13 dice.

March 13, 2023

  • Updates made to the official Pathfinder 2e character sheet:

    • Added a CON modifier field in Health settings section

    • Spell MAP buttons and affected rolls have been fixed and re-added to the sheet

  • Fixed a bug on the official Vampire the Masquerade character sheet related to drag & drop where Disciplines were not be handled properly

  • Added Ineffective Option for weapon damage to the official Zweihander character sheet. When Ineffective is selected, the weapon has 0 damage from abilities or fury dice. If you select an ability to be your damage again, the fury dice value you had before will repopulate

March 9, 2023

  • Released an improved device selection menu for Integrated Voice & Video that allows viewing and setting your selected devices before joining a call to assist with troubleshooting.
    • Also allowed device failure errors to be dismissable, so that you can still join a call when there is a device error.
  • Improved virtual device (OBS Studio, etc.) support in Integrated Voice & Video, especially in Firefox.
  • Various fixes to device selection to improve compatibility for webcams and microphones.
  • Various other fixes and improvements to minor backend errors.

March 3, 2023

  • Updates made to the official Vampire the Masquerade character sheet:
    • Fixed SPC Configure sheet button

    • Improved rolling for rouse and remorse checks

    • Roll pool bonus query is now the roll modifier query, with ability to add negative modifiers now supported

February 27, 2023

  • Resolved an issue where the chat would cut off the most recent message after resizing a dialog (handout, character sheet, etc.)
  • Added initial translations for the PT-BR dialect based on PT-PT; dialect-specific changes can then be contributed by the community.
  • Updates made to the official Vampire the Masquerade character sheet:

    • You are now able to send Disciplines to chat

    • Fixed a bug relating to Messy Criticals and Bestial Failures Errors

February 23, 2023

  • Resolved an issue when using the new Integrated Voice & Video in some languages other than English that would cause several issues, including inability to connect to other players, inability to see other players in the game, and some issues with whisper functionality.
  • Increased available relay server capacity for Voice & Video.

February 20, 2023

  • CoC 7e Sheet update: Changed Dodge & Own Language edit fields to more clearly present the calculation of the total skill value

  • Cyberpunk RED sheet updates:

    • Roles are now draggable onto the sheet at Rank 1

    • Athletics added to weapon skill drop down

    • Ammo types are now a toggleable field for shotguns to allow switching between damage and alt damage input fields

  • New games default to allow importing of characters from character vault enabled.
  • Character Vault:
    • Fixed bug with long game names.
    • If you are not the GM of a game, the GM notes are no longer copied when importing a character from that game.

February 16, 2023

  • We’ve converted some of the most beloved Dungeon Masters Guild content as instantly playable adventures directly within the VTT. Check the current Roll20 VTT collection on DMsGuild and our Help Center for FAQs. For future product release announcements, you can subscribe to the DMsGuild / Roll20 newsletters, or follow us on Twitter! (DMG / Roll20).

February 13, 2023

  • The New Voice & Video Beta has been taken out of beta and is now accessible in settings as Integrated Voice & Video. We are no longer actively developing Legacy Roll20 WebRTC and recommend all users switch to Integrated Voice & Video.
  • Integrated Voice & Video is now the default in new games.
  • Added a tour to the VTT that shows players how to use Integrated Voice & Video.
  • Added the ability to perform multi-user whispers in Integrated Voice & Video.
  • Fixed an issue where the selection cursor would have inconsistent behavior when hovering over a token depending on the layer.

  • Fixed an issue where pages without grids were failing to resize when placing an image and additional issues with automatic image/page resizing.

  • Fixed an issue where grouped drawings weren’t able to be moved separately.

  • Fixed an issue with token selection and movement. Clicking and dragging on an unselected token now selects and moves the token regardless of prior selections.

  • UI changes in character vault to allow users to view more characters without scrolling.

February 6, 2023

  • Vampire the Masquerade Official Character sheet: Added new "roll builder" to each discipline in the disciplines repeating sections: You're now able to add a single discipline worth of dice to your pool. You can also roll any other combination of attributes and skills while still applying the blood potency bonus you'd get from a normal discipline power roll. The Intense Temperament bonus still needs to be added in the "Extra Dice" Query along with any other bonuses that your Storyteller calls for.
  • Fixed a bug on the official D&D 5e sheet where transparent images in the roll template were appearing with a gray or purple box in the background
  • Added a filter to the official D&D 5e sheet to allow for users to filter their traits down to categories so you can see only what you want
  • Updated our Home Page to include VTT highlights module and other relevant information
  • Fixed a bug with password reset

January 30, 2023

  • Implemented a new toggle in game settings on the official D&D 5e sheet to allow GMs to set when the level up button appears on the sheet (remember to 'apply default settings' after making changes for the update to take effect!). 

January 23, 2023

  • A number of quality of life updates were made to the official D&D 5e sheet, including:

    • When dragging weapons onto the sheet optional attack descriptions will now be populated
    • Roll template styling updated to make it more apparent when something is clickable
    • Fixes to correct some styling issues with the dark mode version of the sheet
  • Updated the Official Fallout character sheet to add a Survival Section to the Core PC tab, to track Hunger, Sleep, Thirst and Fatigue, as well as record/send to chat injuries and diseases.

  • Fixed a bug on the Official Fallout character sheet that was causing the additional damage button to throw an error when damage is auto-rolled

  • Added an optional field to the Pathfinder 2e character sheet to apply typed and auto-calculated bonuses and penalties to strikes

  • Fixed a bug on the Official Call of Cthulhu 7e sheet to correct damage bonuses for 'extreme successes'

January 19, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with module sheet selection from marketplace page, where two sheets were incorrectly shown.

January 18, 2023

  • Doors and Windows now function with the Transmogrifier tool.
  • Fixed an issue with tokens scaled to half size seeing through doors.
  • Fixed an issue where chat would show as dark gray text in dark mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the token bar overlay wouldn’t respect the GM opacity slider.

January 11, 2023

  • Set a default cap on frame rate in the VTT (30 fps) and added a setting for adjustment (60 fps or uncapped). This change targets performance issues some users have been seeing.

  • Fixed an issue where popping out chat in Firefox only popped out the chat box.

  • Fixed an issue where jump to page from outline did not work for some PDFs.

  • Fixed an issue where locked tokens could be selected and moved along the edge of barriers.

January 9, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with chat where the return key would not start a new line instead of sending.

January 5, 2023

  • Windows & Doors are now available for Plus subscribers!
  • Windows & Doors can now be multi-selected.
  • Fixed an issue where, when selecting a door, if you already had any other objects on the VTT selected, they still remained selected in addition to the door.
  • Mods (API) .remove() method now removes door objects.
  • The pop-out art library now provides up-to-date storage information.
  • Fixed an issue with WebP images no longer working from the in-VTT art library.
  • Fixed incorrect text in Token Settings: Token Bars -> "Attribute"
  • Nameplates/bars now animate with token movement for other players.
  • Fixed an issue where chat input was not resizable.
  • The tutorial is now available for community translation via CrowdIn.
  • Fixed an issue in Chrome where chat and handouts could not be reopened or redocked after closing a popout window.
  • Fixed an issue when copying a game that would cause ampersands to show as "&"

January 4, 2023

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