Macro Issues

Given the intrinsically complex nature of Macros, sometimes issues arise. Here you'll find helpful information regarding troubleshooting and reporting suspected bugs that might result from a Macro. 


First thing, please try our general troubleshooting steps (1-3) outlined in the Reporting a Bug article. If those do not work, additional troubleshooting steps for Macro issues are outlined below:

  • Review Macro-specific information on the Specific Use Questions & Macros Forum
  • Review the syntax (i.e. Is all the spelling correct? Are all of your brackets matching and in place?)
  • Double check dependencies (i.e. Do they require scripts to work? A specific updated character sheet?)
  • Delete the Macro and recreate it

Still Having Issues?

Please create a post on our Specific Use Questions & Macros Forum.


Think You Encountered a Bug?

Follow the directions at the bottom of Reporting a Bug to create a detailed bug report.

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