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This article is meant to offer help in regards to restoring games, recovering a lost/locked account, "The Password recovery code is incorrect" errors, gift and game transfers, rollback requests, and account mergers.

How do I restore a game that's been deleted?

For a game to be restored, please submit a request through our web form. In your description, include the URL of your game (link located on your game's detail page) or provide the name of the campaign. Please note that depending on the amount of time a game has been deleted for, some data loss may occur or we may not be able to recover your game.

Account Management > Game Assistance > Game Recovery


I can't locate my account.

In order to locate a user, we require any emails or usernames associated with that user, or a direct link to your profile so that we may attempt to locate the account for you. Please submit a request to the web form. In your description, please include the requested information and we'll do our best to help you.

Account Management > Recovering my account


I need help resetting my password.

In order to reset a password, we require the email or username associated with the account. We will send a password reset email to the address associated with that account. Do be sure to check spam/junk folders, as these emails can be placed there from time to time. Issues with our password reset link usually occur because of either a browser add-on that is interfering (such as Adblock), or because you may have "third party cookies" disabled.

Account Management > Password Recovery


If this does not work, you know that your username and password are correct but you can't log in, and/or you receive "The Password recovery code is incorrect" as an error message, you'll need to reach out to us with a link to your profile through the web form.

How do I retrieve a lost map/character/journal entry from my game?

The only way to recover a lost portion of an existing game is through a Rollback. The system stores save points for a total of 7 days. Pro users have this feature available on the game's details page under the settings tab.


If you experience a loss of data caused directly by a Roll20 error, please submit a request to the web form.

Account Management > Game Assistance > Game Recovery


Rollbacks are time-sensitive due to the restricted time frame. Any missing information may cause delays to your request, and therefore may lose the opportunity to use the rollback function. Please include the following information in your description.

  • A link to the campaign from your game's detail page (not an invite/join link, but the URL in  your game's dental page)
  • The date & time your game was last stable
  • Email associated with your account or profile link
  • Any additional details you can provide regarding the loss of data (Name of the map/character, journal entry)

Note: A Rollback may not be able to recover the lost information, in which case that data is permanently lost. It's highly recommended that you create a copy of the game for backup purposes before conducting the rollback.

I need to transfer ownership of a game to someone else.

If you are the game creator, please provide us with a link to the game as well as a link to the Roll20 profile of the user the game will be transferred to. If you are not the game's creator / current owner, than we cannot fufill this request for you. The creator would need to submit a request themselves to the web form.

All data within the game will be transferred over except for the game creator's uploaded assets contained within their Art Library. Because those assets are exclusively tied to the account that created them, the art library will not be able to move over, but the assets that are already in the game itself will.

Account Management > Game Assistance > Game Transfer


I need to transfer ownership of or merge my account(s).

Please submit a request to the web form for questions regarding the merging and/or transferring of user accounts, marketplace content, and subscriptions. Please provide any relevant details that you can including links to the profile pages of the accounts that need to be merged or transferred to.

Account Management > Merge my accounts


A player bought me a gift that I don't want, what can I do?

We can issue a refund of the gift subscription or marketplace item on your behalf, or we can transfer it to someone else. Please write in with the item or subscription credit you want refunded or transferred, along with a link to the profile of the user you want it transferred or refunded to. We can not honor refunds or transfers on gifts that you are not the current owner of, unless you believe it was gifted to the wrong player or the wrong item was gifted.

Purchases and Payments > Choose your desired topic


I'm having a different issue.

Please submit your inquiry using web form and give us as much detail about the issue that you're experiencing as you can. You may also find help on our article for Reporting a Bug.

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