Account Support

This page is meant to offer support in regards to restoring games, recovering a lost account, gift and game transfers, rollback requests, and account mergers.

Game Restores

For a game to be restored, please contact us with either the name or the URL of the game in question. 

Account Recovery

Cannot Locate User

In order to locate a user, we require any email or usernames associated with the user, or a direct link to the user profile.

Password Recovery

In order to reset a password, we require the email or username associated with the account. We will send a password reset email to the address associated with that account. Do be sure to check spam / junk folders, as these emails can be placed there from time to time. Issues with our password reset link usually occur because of either an add-on that is interfering (such as Adblock), or because you may have "third party cookies" disabled.

Direct Admin Intervention

Roll20 continues to operate on the bleeding edge of technology to ensure that games can be sync'd up anywhere in the world in real time. Occasionally, as with any service, errors will arise, and the Roll20 team may need to directly intervene in order to fix potential errors. Below are some of the more common situations wherein direct intervention would be necessary.

Duplicate Journal Entries

Occasionally, a malformed event can be sent to Firebase which will create a duplicate journal entry that perfectly mirrors an existing one. In most cases, deleting one entry will also delete the second. If you encounter this error, you will need to contact us so we can manually break the connection.

Stuck On "Upgrade In Progress" Screen

Games that are very old may still be using old infrastructure from when Roll20 first began. Previously, we offered an update to these games upon the next time it was joined. Since that time, the process has been deprecated and can occasionally get stuck. If you encounter this error, please contact us so we can get it sorted out for you.

Logged Out/Kicked Users Still Appearing In game

Typically, this error can occur if the game was not left properly (i.e. closing out of the tab or browser instead of using the Exit Game button from the settings tab.) Usually, it is easily corrected by having the affected user log in to the game and exit via the Exit Game button. In cases where this does not resolve the issue or where a user no longer has access to the game, you will need to contact us so we can manually disconnect the user.


This section is for the Rollback feature, which is a Pro Subscriber feature only. Please be careful when deleting things from your game!

The only way to recover a portion of an existing Game is through a Rollback. Rollbacks are only for Pro Subscribers, so please be careful when deleting things from your game! If you experience a loss of data caused by an error or other issues on Roll20, please contact us and include the email associated with your account, the name of the game, the date & time your game was last stable, and any details you can provide regarding the loss of data.

Game / Gift / Purchase Transfers

Game Transfer

We leave it to each Roll20 user to decide who should own the IP of the materials created using their Roll20 account. This means that we cannot transfer the ownership of games from one user to another without the permission of the game creator. If you are the game creator, please let us know and provide us with a link to the game as well as a link to the Roll20 profile of the user the game will be transferred to. If you are not the game creator, please reach out to them and have them contact us.

Additionally, data within the game will be transferred over except for the uploaded assets within the Art Library. Because those assets are exclusively tied to the account, they will not be able to move over.


Purchase / Gift Transfer

If you have purchased a subscription or marketplace content intended as a gift, please contact us.

Account Merge / Transfer

Please contact us for questions regarding the merging and/or transferring of user accounts, marketplace content, and subscriptions.

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