Feature Breakdown

We rely on support from our community to operate Roll20. Your support keeps us going and helps us improve Roll20 and develop new features.

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The following table outlines different perks and benefits that apply to the different subscriber level options offered on Roll20. Additional features not described below can be found here.

  Free Plus Pro
Price $0 $5.99/mo.
Asset Storage

(10mb per asset)

(20mb per asset)
(20mb per asset)
Dedicated Online Hosting

1,200+ Game Systems

Looking For Group Listings 2 Unlimited Unlimited + Highlighting
Unlimited Players and Games

Dynamic Lighting / Line of Sight  
No Loadscreen Ads  
Shared Table Features


Custom Game Backgrounds    
Roll20 Reserve Reward



Custom Sheets

Mods (API) Access    
Early Access    
Pro Token Sets    
F/X Tool    
Roll20Characters Limited All-Access All-Access
Profile Badge  

Forum Access Public Forums Public Forums Pro Forums
(give direct feedback on in-development features)

Compendium Sharing

(no. of games / no. of players per game)

1/5 3/10 5/15
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