Image/Audio Upload Troubleshooting

Sometimes issues arrise in regards to image and audio asset uploads. This document aims to help assist with these problems by offering potential troubleshooting solutions for the issues you might be experiencing.

I am trying to upload an image, but the loading bar gets stuck

You should check to ensure that you have not reached your storage quota. Below is a table outlining how much space is available to you for storing images and audio at each subscription tier, along with how many megabytes(mb) each individual asset can total:



(10mb per asset)

(20mb per asset)
(20mb per asset)

You can check this by heading to your account page, and checking your storage quota on the right hand side:


If you find that you've maxed out your storage quota, you will need to delete assets in order to free up space.

  • Head into one of your games, and access the Art Library tab, and then the "My Library" tab.
  • To remove assets you no longer need, right-click the item and select Delete Item.
  • This will permanently remove that art asset from "My Library" and any game that is currently using it.
  • Note: we cannot recover images once deleted. Please be careful when deciding which assets are being removed.

If your storage quota doesn't seem to be the cause of the issue, you should also ensure that the image you're attempting to upload is one of the accepted formats:

File Type
Images (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG)
Animations (.GIF, .MP4, .WEBM)

If you find that your asset still isn't working, try converting it to a different format and ensure that the asset you're uploading is under 10mb (if you're a free user), or 20mb or less in size (if you are a Plus or Pro subscriber).

Please note: Your current avatar and campaign banner images count towards your storage quota and can also be deleted to free up space.

Why is my quota maxed out when I don't have any images uploaded?

You may have audio that is using space and would need to be deleted.

  • Click on this link. You can also access this page by hovering over the "Tools" tab on the homepage and selecting "Manage Audio."


  • From here, click on the "Tracks" button.
  • You should now see a list of all audio assets uploaded to your account. Click on the name of a track you want deleted, and you'll see a garbage bin icon.
  • Click the garbage bin, and a menu will appear asking you to confirm deletion of the audio.
  • note: audio uploaded to Roll20 cannot be downloaded back to your computer.


If you still find that you're having issues with storage, please don't hesitate to contact us through our web form.

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