Compendiums and Compendium Expansions

Most commonly associated with system rulebooks, Compendiums and Compendium Expansions are accessible both in-game and in a web version tool. In-game Compendium access is set by default to correspond with the chosen Character Sheet template. At any point, you can change Compendium access and settings in the Game Settings from your Game Details page.

You can check out our video tutorial on how to get started accessing and utilizing your compendium right away!

After purchasing your Compendium Expansion, a purple button will appear offering the option to “Create Game.” Clicking the button will take you directly to the Create a New Game page. After this, you can just create a new game as Compendium Expansions are made available in the VTT immediately after purchase.


As seen in the example below, Compendiums and Compendium Expansions available on the Roll20 Marketplace will have a quick guide on the product page on how to access it, which Character Sheet is associated with the Compendium, and a link to any associated Bug Forum thread.


In-game Compendiums allow for easy access to rules and searching to help streamline your play. Some Compendiums include full integration with the virtual tabletop, such as being able to drag entries from the Compendium into Character Sheets, or onto the tabletop. 

Compendium Resources:

For more on how to use the in-game Compendium, including drag-and-drop capabilities, or how to enable Compendium Sharing and Compendium Selection, please check out the articles below:

Selecting the Correct Character Sheet

Each Compendium Expansion will have a recommended or required Character Sheet associated with it as listed on its Marketplace page. These Character Sheets have been designed to utilize a particular Compendium first before integrated virtual tabletop functionality is available. 

For example, choosing the officially supported D&D 5th Edition Character Sheet will automatically enable the 5th Edition Compendiums to be used in your game; Pathfinder sheets will enable the Pathfinder Compendium. You can choose a Character Sheet at game creation or by going to the Game Settings Page at any time afterward. If you want to use your own sheet, you can select the Compendium of your choice by going to the Compendium Settings and choosing the Compendium System you would like to use from the dropdown list. By default, this selection is set to "Determined by Character Sheet (Default)".


If you are unable to access the Roll20 Compendium within the Virtual Tabletop, be sure that the proper Compendium access is selected within the Game Settings Page as shown above.


A Bundle is a group of multiple Marketplace items assembled together in a convenient one-time-purchase package. For example, the Volo's Guide to Monsters Bundle gives you not only the Compendium Expansion, but also an Addon and a Module version of the book's provided battle maps. When you're on a Bundle's marketplace listing, all the available content that comes with it will be listed under the phrase, Bundle Includes These Items:. If there is downloadable content (an image pack or a PDF for example), these will be available on the individual Marketplace item listings rather than on the Bundle's listing page. The access for these individual items will behave exactly in the same fashion as similar item type singular products.

Compendium Troubleshooting

Bug Forum Thread

You can find details on what’s in the module, any known issues or updates, as well as give feedback or ask questions about your module within the Bug Forum Thread linked from the module’s Marketplace page.

Still Having Trouble?

Please submit a help request and we will try and resolve your issue as quickly as possible!

Free Compendiums

See how the in-app Compendium works by creating a game with any of the following free Compendiums.

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