Game modules are fully integrated settings that a GM can pick up and play with little to no setup work. Modules are most often larger adventures or base adventure settings. They auto-populate Journal entries for adventure text, NPC stat blocks and handouts, Pages for pre-set battle maps with Dynamic Lighting (for Plus/Pro subscribers), and Compendium access within the tabletop upon game creation. 


After purchasing your Module, a purple button will appear offering the option to “Create Game with Module.” Clicking the button will take you directly to the Create a New Game page and will automatically select the recently purchased module.

You can also check out this video tutorial showing how to add Lost Mine of Phandelver (a Wizards of the Coast Module) to your game to help you get any game going quickly!


Modules are used to create new games, they cannot be added to a pre-existing game.

As seen in the example below, a module will have an overview of how to access the content, which Character Sheet is associated with it, and its Bug Forum link on the Marketplace product page.


Modules will show up under the header Optional: Choose a Module from the Create New Game page.


Installing Modules

Installation is simple; all you need to do is the following:

  • Start by creating a new game and navigate to the Optional: Choose a Module section.
  • Find the module you wish to use and select it.
  • The selected module will auto-populate the associated Character Sheet.
  • Name your game, add any tags you wish to, and hit that blue I’m Ready, Create Game! button.

When you launch your game, any preset maps, splash screens, and token pages that come with the product will be ready in your Page Toolbar, and the Journal tab will have all associated handouts, adventure text, and more.

Downloadable Content

Some modules come with PDFs of their adventure or rule books if the Marketplace listing has the phrase "Downloadable PDF" mentioned in the module's listing information. To download the PDF file, go to the Module's marketplace listing and there will be a blue Download PDF button at the bottom of the page.


A Bundle is a group of multiple Marketplace items assembled together in a convenient one-time-purchase package. For example, the Volo's Guide to Monsters Bundle gives you not only the Compendium Expansion, but also an Addon and a Module version of the book's provided battle maps. When you're on a Bundle's marketplace listing, all the available content that comes with it will be listed under the section titled, Bundle Includes These Items:. If there is downloadable content (an image pack or a PDF for example), these will be available on the individual Marketplace item listings rather than on the Bundle's listing page. The access for these individual 

Module Troubleshooting

Selecting the Correct Module

If you have multiple modules purchased on your account and have accidentally chosen the wrong one, click on the blue Change Module button at the top of the page before creating your game. This will clear out your module choice and bring up all the Module thumbnails once again.

Bug Forum Threads

You can find details on what’s in the module, any known issues or updates, as well as give feedback or ask questions about your module within the Bug Forum Thread linked from the module’s Marketplace page.

Combining Modules

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this currently. As a workaround, Pro subscribers can use the Transmogrifier to copy individual pages, characters, handouts, and rollable tables from one game into another.

Still Having Trouble?

Please submit a help request and we will try and resolve your issue as quickly as possible!

Free Modules to Try

See how a module works by creating a game with any of the following free adventures.

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