Roll20 System Recommendations

Our system recommendations are these:

  • Windows 10, Mac OS Mojave or newer, or Linux operating system with support for 64 bit architecture
  • A GPU with Hardware Acceleration and full WebGL support
  • 8GB of RAM
  • A display resolution of at least 1080p
  • Chrome or Firefox browsers at the most recent stable release.
  • A Broadband Internet connection

Note: Due to feature improvements, our System Recommendations are subject to change at any point. 

Performance Troubleshooting

Roll20 is a web-based application, and there are two primary considerations in regards to performance: speed of your network connection and your computer's ability to render graphics. If your setup meets all of the system recommendations and you're still experiencing problems, we recommend checking out our the articles below, or reaching out to us so we can assist you!

We do our best to ensure that Roll20 has low network and graphical performance requirements as is possible. However, if you (or one of your players) experience issues on our platform in part due to slow Internet speeds or older software/hardware, the above tips may help optimize performance on our platform.

As a quick aside before proceeding with the rest of the document: Your own individual results may vary from other people playing in your game. If you're the GM building your game on Roll20, you'll want to keep the limitations of the user with the worst computing and network situation in mind. A very large map may scroll smoothly on your desktop computer with a hardline network connection, but it may lag severely for your player connecting on an older laptop using a weak Wi-Fi signal.


Safari is not a supported browser for Roll20 as it does not support dynamic lighting, causing poor stability and functionality. We highly recommend switching to Firefox or Chrome. However, if you are experiencing a black screen issue on your Safari browser, disable WebGL via Metal in experimental features. To do so, go to Preferences > Advanced and tick "show Develop menu in menu bar." Then go to Develop > Experimental Features and uncheck "WebGL via Metal."


At the moment, the popular grammar editor application Grammarly can cause performance issues on our VTT. We recommend disabling it before launching your game.

In addition: Roll20 is not affiliated with, nor do we support, browser extensions such as Beyond20 or VTT Enhancement Suite.

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