What’s New With Dynamic Lighting?

Dynamic Lighting is one of our favorite features! (Don’t tell the quantum roller.) Since it’s one of our favorites, we’re always trying to release new improvements to make your game shine. Here’s info on our latest updates:

What’s Brand New?

Feature: Windows are in Early Access!

Behold! Let your players gaze into the adventure to come, with windows! Pro GMs can now expertly craft previews of grim portents for players to find should they manage to gaze through a window. Check out our Change Log for more information.

Feature: Transparent Dynamic Lighting Barriers!

We see you! It's now possible to create dynamic lighting barriers that do NOT block vision, but DO block movement. This allows GMs and Players to better emulate windows or magical barriers (or even an invisible maze if you are feeling truly evil)!You can read more about using this feature in the article on Creating Light and Barriers.

Feature: One-Way Dynamic Lighting Barriers!

You asked for it and we listened. It's now possible to create dynamic lighting barriers that only block vision from one direction while allowing tokens on the other side to see through it! This means you can have tokens that can see down from a high place without being seen by the tokens below them. It also means no more pillars or boulders that are just empty blobs on your map. You can read more about using this feature in the article on Creating Light and Barriers.

New Tool: Place Light In Toolbar!

We want lighting your dungeons to be easier! After selecting this tool, a left click will create a new token on whichever layer is currently selected. That token will emit Bright Light for 20 feet and Low Light for 20 feet. The light settings can be changed in the token settings like any other Token. Check out the Forum Announcement here.

Feature: Colored Lights are Live!

Colored lights and Nocturnal Vision have been two of our most requested features over the years. Now with the updated Dynamic Lighting framework, we can bring you the awesome updates you’ve been looking for.

Product Board

We’re using Product Board to track the latest features and improvements to Dynamic Lighting. If you’re wondering whether we know about a bug, or what we’ve got planned for Dynamic Lighting, Product Board is your destination! Over there you can also submit any feature suggestions, minor bug reports, or comment on existing ones. However, if you’re looking for help make sure you reach out to us through our Help Center!

Check Out Product Board Here

Dynamic Lighting Extras

  • For auditory or visual learners, Mod (API) Expert Nick Olivio has made an informative and entertaining video explaining how to set up Dynamic Lighting! Check it out here.
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Looking to set up Dynamic Lighting quickly, or need to double check your work?

You can visit the Dynamic Lighting Checklist for a quick and easy walkthrough!

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