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You and your friends can let the Roll20 Mobile app enhance your D&D 5E games both over the web and in person! As D&D 5E is a very popular system, we made the choice to make this the first system supported by the app, with others following on down the road. Below lies a brief overview of what you and your party can expect to find.

Abilities & Skills


  1. Character name - This is helpful for ensuring that you're on the correct character sheet, especially if you control multiple!
  2. Character information - Helpful information such as Hit Points, Armor Class, Speed, Class and Level live here, along with a default character avatar if yours doesn't have one attached! You can also roll for and edit your Initiative as well as adjust your HP.
  3. Open the sheet menu - Check it out here!
  4. Character Attributes - Clicking on an attribute such as Strength will bring up a menu to choose whether or not you're making your roll publicly or privately (to the DM), and whether or not you're rolling normally, with advantage, or with disadvantage!

Saving Throws & Passive Proficiencies


  1. Saving throws - Happens to the best of us. You can make your saving throws here by clicking on the applicable box, either publicly or privately.
  2. Passive Proficiencies - Surely these can help with passive exploration and checks, right? If your character has 'em, they'll live here.



You can check your character's skills here and click on the appropriate box to make roll queries. These results will also appear in the chat!




Roll result and information - With any roll you make, your result will show up here. You'll see what sort of roll you made, the formula used to arrive at the result, and the results of two dice rolls (to cover advantage and disadvantage situations, which tend to happen quite a bit in D&D 5E.)


Sheet Menu


The Abilities & Skills page is the default screen when you open your character sheet for the first time! You can click on the icon on the far right to access other parts of your character sheet like Combat for attack rolls, readable view of you Spells, Features & Traits, Inventory, Resources & Tools, Health & Death, and sheet Settings. Watch out for updates as locked features becoming available!



Your combat attacks and combat spells will show up here! Click on the dice next to their name in order to send a roll to the VTT. You'll also find other useful information here such as its range and damage formula.



Your spells will be listed here as reference guide. To roll spell attacks, navigate to the Combat Section from the Sheet Menu.

  1. Spellcasting Ability - This shows you which ability your character's spellcasting is tied to.
  2. Spell Save DC - This is your character's current Spell Save Difficulty Class, and is derived from this formula: 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Casting Ability Score Modifier
  3. Spell Attack Bonus - This is your character's current Spell Attack Bonus, and is derived from this formula:
    Spellcasting Ability Modifier + Proficiency Bonus
  4. Spell area - Down here you can find all of the rest of the information associated with that spell, such as range, the spell's written description, that spell's school, what components are needed, and so on. More below!

Spell Information


  1. Spell name, range, components - Exactly what it says on the tin, guv! These are likely to be the key pieces of information used in most of your spellcasting.
  2. Spell school - Is "Banishment" from the school of conjuration? Is Terry continuously arguing that it's an "Abjuration" spell? Set Terry on the right path by referring to the information here. Terry can thereby owe you a beverage of your choice.
  3. Casting Time, Duration, Components, Target - Important spell information lives here, and serves as handy reference for just how long you can keep "Light" going for before the darkness envelopes your party once again...
  4. Spell description - What's the spell doin'? This gives you a good overview of what, indeed, that spell's doin'.

Spell Slots


The Roll20 Mobile app also, handily, helps you keep track of how many spell-slots you've burned through, or have yet to burn through! Simply click to add or remove uses of that spell.

Character Features


Helpful written descriptions from the compendium concerning specific features and traits that apply to your character live here! Clicking the word baloon will send the description thereof to the chat, and clicking the chevron next to that bubble will show it to yourself instead, so you can simply refresh yourself.



  1. Money - A good adventurer always budgets for their expenditures and exploits! I think! You can keep track of your currency here via the "edit" button, at any rate.
  2. Equipment - Equip and unequip your existing items here!

Resources, Tools & Proficiencies


This screen keeps track of resources such as class charges, kits, dulcimers ("never know when a jam sesh is gonna break out"), and so on. That "so on" also contains within it your language, weapon and armor proficiencies! 

  1. Resources - How many charges of "Second Wind" do you got left? This would be a good place to check.
  2. Tool Proficiencies & Custom Skills - Got a disguise kit to use? Need to roll for it? You can certainly do that here. For custom skills, too!
  3. Languages & Other Proficiencies - "Yes, Terry, Lizzy knows Abyssal. And Common. And Dwarvish. No, I don't know why. Where's that beverage?" Clicking the speech bubble here will prove such claims of linguistic lucidity on the VTT. You can also roll special skill checks related to your proficiencies here too!

Health & Death


  1. Current Hit Points - You can make adjustments to your character's Hit Points here by clicking the "+" and "-" icons! Charge headlong into battle knowing that the current status of your character's health is well-tracked! They say it's only the last hit point that counts...



  1. Hit Dice - This area shows you what kind of die and how many are used for your character. You can send rolls from here, also!
  2. Death Save - Tough luck, Terry. Well, maybe you wanted to be here. Regardless, you can track your successful and unsuccessful death save rolls down in this box, just click the empty squares. Wishing you the best here.



Tired of seeing those advantage rolls? ONLY want to be whispering rolls to the DM? You can adjust that here, and more.

General Options

  • Roll Queries
    • Always Roll Advantage
    • Never Roll Advantage
    • Advantage Toggle
    • Query Advantage (ask before rolling!)
  • Whisper Rolls to GM
    • Never Whisper Rolls
    • Whisper Toggle
    • Query Whisper
    • Always Whisper Rolls
  • Core Die Roll
    • Tired of 1d20? Change it here!
  • Critical Range
    • Just how scary is your character and what number(s) have to show up on the die to make them particularly so? You can set that here.

Attribute Options

  • Add Dex Tiebreaker to Initiative
    • Useful for tiebreaks on initiative rolls! Save the barkin' and get to fightin'!
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