Activating Dark Mode for Roll20

One of the goals for the Roll20 platform is to enable gamers from all over to get together, explore, play, and create stories through the world's greatest hobby. One way to do this is to ensure that our platform has tools that grant an accessible and comfortable experience for everyone - such as Dark Mode.

Here we'll run through how to activate it on both the Roll20 site and the Roll20 Virtual Table-Top (VTT). So turn the lights down low, settle in, and read on.

Roll20 Site

1. Log in to (Link will open in a new tab)

2. Click on your display name in the upper right, and from the drop-down menu, select: "My Account"


3. Scroll down, and under the "Preferences" section, find the "Color Mode" option. Your options from the drop-down menu are "Light" or "Dark".

4. Select your preference, then hit "Save Changes".


5. All done! Enjoy your time in the shadows.

Roll20 VTT

1. Log in to (Link will open in a new tab)

2. Enter any of your games. Or create a new game if you haven't already!

3. Under the Toolbar, find the "Enable Dark Mode" button.

4. Click to toggle light or dark mode, whichever's your preference.


5. Done!


What are some of the known limitations for the Roll20 Site dark mode?

If you enable dark mode, you won’t see it on every page: for now, our blog and some compendium pages will have different formatting, depending on publisher choice. There may sometimes be conflicts with our "What You See Is What You Get" editor on the forums and in other situations where users might copy+paste text. If you catch something with the compendium, know that we're already working with publishers to address it!

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