Marketplace Wishlist

You can create, edit, add to, and share your wishlists of marketplace items. You can use them to give items to your friends and GMs, and when you already own an item on a wishlist, you'll easily be able to see that!

How it Works

To open your Wishlist view, click your profile name in the upper right of the screen and select "My Wishlists" from the drop-down menu.

You'll see the main Wishlist view. 

Creating and Editing a Wishlist

Click the "Create New Wishlist" button to make a new wishlist.

Name your wishlist, and set it to be either public or private. Private wishlists are only viewable by you. Public wishlists can be viewed by anyone.

To edit your wishlist, view your wishlist in the My Wishlist view. There are two or three icons to the right of the wishlist name:

  • Click the pencil icon to change the wishlist's name or privacy setting.
  • Click the arrow icon to copy a link to share your wishlist with others. This option is only available for public wishlists.
  • Click the trash can icon to delete the wishlist entirely.

When viewing your own wishlist, you'll see the items on your wishlist with a Purchase button and a Remove link. Click the "Purchase" button to buy the wishlist item. Click "Remove" if you want to delete it from your wishlist.

Add to Wishlist

To add to a wishlist, go to any marketplace item. In the "Buy Now" box, you'll now see a Wishlist button.

Click the button. You'll be prompted to select which wishlist to add the item to.

You can also add to your wishlist from a search result. Hover over the item in the search, click the star that appears, and select the wishlist to add to.

Gifting from another user's Wishlist

Want to buy a gift for your GM or a friend? Find their wishlist by visiting their user profile page and clicking the "View Wishlists" link on the left side menu. They will need to be set to "public" in order to be visible.

If they have public wishlists available, their wishlists will be visible.

Click the "Buy: button to view the item in the marketplace, where you can click the "Gift" button to buy it as a gift for your friend or GM, or for yourself if you prefer. 

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